USA Synchro Challenges Jimmy Fallon to #Synchoff



October 3, 2014 

USA Synchro Challenges Jimmy Fallon to #SynchOff
INDIANAPOLIS - The USA Synchro National Office, located in Indianapolis, has responded to a recent interview with Kerry Washington by creating a #SynchOff challenge.
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon with guest Kerry Washington
In the interview, held with late night television host Jimmy Fallo n, Washington mentioned her love for water and her desire to learn synchronized swimming and perform a synchronized swimming routine with Fallon. The National Office of USA Synchro has contacted Fallons NBC office and have created a video to challenge he and Washington to a #SynchOff.
The challenge  video features athletic elements performed in synchro routines, to prove the stigma, of flowery water caps and water ballet, wrong.  
USA Synchro hopes to send a representative from the National Team to perform and teach Fallon and Washington a few synchro elements.





USA Synchro is based in Indianapolis and serves as the National Governing Body for the sport of

synchronized swimming, appointed as such by the United States Olympic Committee. It is a membership based and not-for-profit organization which services the sport from the grass roots level to the National

Team. The mission statement of USA Synchro is "to provide leadership and resources for the promotion and growth of synchronized swimming, to achieve competitive excellence at all levels and to develop broad based participation."

Rachel Hibner
USA Synchro