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Fechas: Julio 8, 15, 22 y 29
Dates: July 8, 15, 22 and 29
Inscripciones: junio 23-julio 3, capacidad limitada; la inscripción se hace a través de su Comité Olímpico Nacional
Registration: June 23-July 3, limited capacity; Registration will be through your National Olympic Committee
El curso es en español con traducción simultánea al inglés
The course is in Spanish with simultaneous English translation



Another Great opportunity for UANA region Coaches:

Become a member of the International Swim Coaches Association (ISCA) for a reduced fee!  ISCA's mission is to provide swimming coaches and teachers with an exceptional, science-based education, while fostering an international network of professionals who will define the future of swimming. As a member you will be part of an elite network of coaches and have access to many special events and opportunities for continuing your development and education. 

Visit the website for valuable information:  International Swim Coaches Association or Click here to sign up! 




FINA Water Polo Live session week from 8 to 12 of June 2020

Dear All,

We hope you and your loved ones are all staying safe.

From 8 to 12 of June FINA will organise five live sessions about several aspects in Youth Water Polo categories.

You can find the weekly programme below:

On Monday 8th June 2020 at 4pm (CET),  Zoran KACIC will present "Training the Young Goalkeepers".
Zoran is a Goalkeeper’s trainer with CRO National team (Winner at London 2012 Olympic Games and FINA World Champs Melbourne 2007)

On Thuesday 9th June 2020 at 4pm (CET),  Dr. Mladen KLIKOVAC   will present " Physical Preparation of Young Water Polo Players ".
Mladen is a Professor of Physical Education Kinesiology and Sports


On Wednesday 10th June 2020 at 6pm (CET),  Dragan JOVANOVIĆ will present " Basic Technical Elements – From Beginners to Juniors U18 ".
Dragan is the World Water Polo Coaches Association Executive Director and an Olympic Coach

On Thursday 11th June 2020 at 4pm (CET),  Dr. Balázs VINCZE will present " Youth Water Polo Tactical Aspects ".
Balázs is the Head Coach of Hungary U15 National team (Winner European U15 Championships 2019)

On Friday 12th June 2020 at 7pm (CET),  John ABDOU  will present " The US Youth Girls Water Polo Pipeline ".
John is the  High Performance Director of USA Water Polo

These lives will be on our FINA Learning Platform:

Wishing to see many of you during these sessions.

You can also replay all the previous lives on:

Best regards,

FINA Development



May 2020 Newsletter
Meet Wayne Goldsmith
ISCA's newest Partner
Wayne Goldsmith   (Australia) is the newest member of ISCA's growing team of coaches and sports scientists. Wayne has contributed to the sport of swimming internationally for the past 29 years. As an educator, Wayne has designed, developed and delivered coach education and training programs in more than 20 countries. Wayne's articles, books, book chapters, blog posts, and research papers (over 1000 in total) have been published across the swimming world since the early 1990s.
He has been a driving force for change and improvement in coaching and coach development and a passionate leader in the area of swimming science for more than a quarter of a century. He's delivered FINA Olympic Solidarity clinics in Africa, Asia and the Pacific region and  has inspired thousands of swimmers and coaches through his innovative yet simple, practical, and applied approach to training, education and development. 
This is the first of a series of articles and videos...  "The Art of Swimming Coaching" .
Rod Havriluk:    Research shows that experts become experts by using deliberate practice. The 2016 ISCS Hall of Fame Coaches Summit presented  "Deliberate Practice"  which was led by  Dr. Rod Havriluk  (bio-mechanics) followed by  Dr. John Heil  (psychology),
JR Rosania  (strength training),  Dr. John Mullen  (physical therapy), and  Dr. Sergei Beliaev  (physiology). 
Video time 34:39
Dick Hannula  is a Hall of Fame coach and a successful manager. He has coached and managed several international teams including the Olympics. He is also one of the most successful high school and club coaches.  “Coach or Manager? Coach AND Manager!”  states that to be a successful business manager and a successful coach, one must have a clear vision of where you are going. You can’t have one without the other and still count yourself successful.

Swim Schools:   Whether its competitive swimming, open water swimming, water polo, artistic swimming, or diving, it all starts with becoming water safe and learning how to swim. Sharing information and ideas in all areas of aquatics is an import part of ISCA's agenda. We will be sharing information on swim schools in the months to come. So let's get started with  "A  Developmental Program:  transition from lessons to swim team".  We encourage your feed back and willingness share your thoughts and ideas with us.
Fluid Mechanics:   For swimmers, the understanding of hydro dynamics is crucial and can enable an athlete to maximize their performance beyond hard work and dedication. To understand this variable better, Fluid Mechanics uses an innovative approach to give coaches and swimmers an important understanding of the environment they are working in. This methodology helps swimmers reduce water resistance, increase stability, harness propulsive forces, and manipulate water formations to move with greater efficiency.




With regard to the weekly video series called the “Expert Connection” that Panam Sports started last week to bring expert advice focused on helping athletes, coaches and the entire Pan American family navigate these unprecedented times brought on by COVID-19, we would like to inform you that the first program for English speakers will be aired on Tuesday, April 21, 2020 at 4:00 PM EST (Miami time) on the Panam Sports Channel.



Sean McCann, Ph.D. is a licensed Psychologist who has worked for the U.S.
Olympic & Paralympic Committee for 29 years. He has traveled with the last 13
US Olympic Teams as a sport psychologist during the Games. In his work for the
USOPC, he works directly with teams and coaches, from mental skills seminars
and workshops about Olympic pressure to individual sessions with athletes.
Dr. Sean McCann will deliver his expertise and guidance to English-speaking
athletes and coaches during the live session. Dr. McCann will give a presentation
and answer questions from athletes related to “Mental Skills & Strategies to
Cope with Uncertainty and Distraction”.
All athletes, coaches and National Olympic Committees throughout the region are
encouraged to join live and take advantage of Dr. McCann’s wealth of experience
in the field helping some of the best athletes in the world achieve their goals.
In addition to his work with Team USA, Sean regularly works on the road with
teams at training camps and competitions. He has also worked with professional
athletes in a variety of disciplines from ball sports to auto racing.

Sean McCann, es un licenciado en psicología Ph.D. que ha trabajado para el
Comité Olímpico y Paralímpico de EE.UU. durante 29 años. Ha viajado con los
últimos 13 equipos olímpicos de Estados Unidos como psicólogo deportivo
durante los Juegos. En su trabajo para la USOPC, trabaja directamente con
equipos y entrenadores, desde seminarios y talleres de habilidades mentales
sobre la presión olímpica hasta sesiones individuales con atletas.
El Dr. Sean McCann brindará su experiencia y orientación a los atletas y
entrenadores de habla inglesa durante la sesión en vivo. El Dr. McCann hará una
presentación y responderá preguntas de atletas relacionadas con "Habilidades y
Estrategias Mentales para hacer frente a la incertidumbre y la distracción".
Se invita a todos los atletas, técnicos y amantes del deporte en general de la
región a unirse en vivo y aprovechar la gran experiencia del Dr. McCann en el
campo, ayudando a algunos de los mejores atletas del mundo a alcanzar sus
Además de su trabajo con Team USA, Sean trabaja regularmente en el camino
con equipos en campos de entrenamiento y competiciones. También ha trabajado
con atletas profesionales en una variedad de disciplinas, desde deportes de
pelota hasta carreras de autos.

UANA is pleased to share with the entire UANA Family this new project from PANAM SPORTS. We ask all of you to share this with your entire Aquatic Family and Friends so that everyone can have the opportunity to register and participate. 

The first session in English will be Tuesday April 21 at 4:00 pm ET with renowned Sports Psychologist Dr. Jose Maria Buceta with the theme "Mental Work, Strategies and Opportunities during COVID-19”. Buceta has a Doctorate in Psychology and is a Professor of Psychology as well as the Director of the Masters Program in Sports Psychology at Spain’s National University of Distance Education (UNED).

Please SHARE!!! 

UANA se complace en compartir con toda la familia UANA este nuevo proyecto de PANAM SPORTS. Les pedimos a todos ustedes que compartan esto con toda su familia y amigos acuáticos para que todos puedan tener la oportunidad de registrarse y participar.

La primera sesión en español será este jueves 16 de abril a las 4 pm ET con el reconocido psicólogo deportivo Dr. José María Buceta con el tema “Trabajo Mental, Estrategias y Oportunidades frente al COVID-19”. Buceta es doctor en Psicología y profesor titular de Psicología y director del master en Psicología Deportiva de la Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia de España (UNED).

¡¡¡Por favor comparte!!!