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United States Aquatic Sports represents USA Swimming, USA Diving, USA Synchro, USA Water Polo, and U.S. Masters Swimming at the world level (FINA).

It is United States Aquatic Sports' mission to serve its member organizations by providing representation and advocacy within the international aquatics federations.

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Officers Election 2018-2020

September 30, 2018

Jacksonville, Florida


President Bill Smith – Currently serves as Board of Directors Secretary of USA Water Polo (since 2006).  Previously served as Vice President of United States Aquatics Sports (2010-2018).  Former All American Water Polo athlete and collegiate water polo coach.  Currently coaches age group water polo (Greenwich Aquatics).  Professional: currently serves as President and CEO of Renaissance Capital LLC (based in Greenwich and San Francisco).  Has an MBA in Finance from the Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania) and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Villanova.  Father of two children.

Vice Presidents:  Bob Vincent and Paula D'Amico

Secretary:  Laurette Longmire

Treasurer:  Tom Boak

USAS Introduces New Logo

New Officers Elected

On September 21, 2014 the following people were elected as USAS Officers (2014-2016):  Steve McFarland, President; William Smith, Vice President; Bruce Stratton, Vice President; Laurette Longmire, Secretary and Tom Boak, Treasurer


Report to the UANA Congress - October 17, 2011

UANA Zone 3 President's Report
It gives me great pleasure to highlight the efforts of so many dedicated individuals in the United States and  throughout the Americas who have contributed so greatly to the growth and development of swimming, in all of its disciplines, over the last four years since we were together in Rio de Janeiro. United States Aquatic Sports values greatly its UANA affiliation, and in particular, the friendly relationships with each of its member National Federations and their leaders. We have provided technical assistance and support to the best of our ability,  and we will continue to  promote development throughout the Americas. Most importantly, we understand the importance of UANA being both strong and united, because, working together, we know that so much can be accomplished to benefit our sport and serve our athletes.
UANA has enjoyed remarkable success over the last four years primarily because of the quality of its leadership. Eldon Godfrey has been an extraordinary President of UANA, and because of his dedicated, progressive leadership, United States Aquatic Sports is pleased to recognize UANA President Eldon Godfrey with the Max Ritter Award in appreciation for his unselfish service to the aquatic disciplines throughout the Americas during a lifetime of involvement.  The Max Ritter Award is presented to that person who has contributed the most to the advancement of understanding and good will among nations through international participation in amateur aquatic sports. USAS was honored to host Eldon and his wife Carlie Jean at a luncheon yesterday where he was recognized before his friends and colleagues.
USAS is extremely proud of the exemplary service provided by Judy McGowan and Carol Zaleski during their tenure.  Carol is a former UANA President, completing the term of Jerry Olson who left us not long after he was elected at the 1999 Congress in Winnipeg, Canada and was the only 4 term President of USA Swimming.  Judy is a former President of US Synchronized Swimming, a tenure of 7 years, the longest serving President of USSS.  Judy previously served UANA as a member of the Technical Synchronized Swimming Committee.  USAS wishes to thanks Carol and Judy for the many contributions that they made to the advancement of the aquatic disciplines within the Americas.

USAS is pleased to nominate Fernando Canales as the Secretary-Treasurer of UANA for the next quad and to nominate Steve McFarland as a member of the UANA Executive Committee.  Each has served with distinction as members of UANA Technical Committees during the quad and will provide exceptional leadership for UANA.
USAS has been well served by Dale Neuburger, the current Vice President of the Americas.  As a member of the FINA Bureau, Dale is the liaison to the FINA Technical Committee and the Chair of the FINA Development Committee.  Dale has attended each CONSANAT Congress on an annual basis and has accepted the invitation to join the CCCAN Family at their events and annual Congress.  USAS is pleased to nominate Dale as the Vice President of the Americas for a third term.
Rich Foster served as the President of USAS from 2006-2010 and was a member of the UANA Executive from 2003-2007.  At the 2007 UANA Congress President Foster rose to second the nomination and to offer the USAS endorsement of Julio Maglione in his candidacy for the office of FINA President.  President Foster invited UANA President Eldon Godfrey, AFC President Bill Hogan and the officers of the Aquatic Federation of Canada to meet with the USAS Officers in Fort Lauderdale in 2008 to discuss issues of common interest.  One of the positive results of this meeting was the development of the UANA Conference.  The first UANA Conference was held in Fort Lauderdale, FL in May 2009 and included Ivar Sisniega, the Director of Sports for the XVI Pan American Games and FINA Treasurer Julio Maglione.  The second UANA Conference included the Presidents and General Secretary's of each of the 4 Zones. The 2010 UANA Conference was attended by FINA Executive Director Cornel Marculescu and several members of the FINA Bureau.
We are especially proud of the contributions that each of the US aquatic national governing bodies have made during the past 4 years.  I have asked each discipline to share with you some of their efforts:
USA DIVING UPDATE  --  USA Diving has hosted the world's best divers at the FINA Diving Grand Prix held annually in May in Fort Lauderdale.  With the support of the US Olympic Committee, the first UANA - USA Diving Coaches Symposium was held in Fort Lauderdale during the 2008 FINA Grand Prix Event. This symposium was well attended and was jointly sponsored by the USOC and UANA.
In October 2010 USA Diving High Performance Director, Steve Foley, conducted a FINA Coaches Clinic in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 
USA Diving in conjunction with USAS hosted a luncheon for the FINA President and officials attending the 18th FINA World Junior Diving Championships, in Tucson, AZ during September, 2010.
USA Diving will be hosting the UANA Jr. Pan American Diving Championships in 2013 at a site to be determined.
At the USAS convention held in Jacksonville, FL,  David Boudia was recognized at our Athlete of the Year and Bob Rydze was presented with the Glenn McCormick Award.
The Zone 3 representatives to the UANA Technical Diving Committee from 2007 to 2011 were:  Steve McFarland, Secretary and Jim Stillson, Member.  USA Diving has recommended and USAS has confirmed the nomination of Steve to serve as a member of the 2011-2015 UANA Executive Committee.  USA Diving nominated and USAS has endorsed the nominations of Jim Stillson and Chris Seufert-Sholtis to serve as members of the 2011-2015 UANA Technical Diving Committee.
Our 2007 to present USA DIVING leadership team:
Dave Burgering, Chairman, 2002-2008
Bob Rydze, Chairman, 2008-2012
Debbie Hesse, President and CEO through 2010
Linda Paul, President and CEO
UNITED STATES MASTERS SWIMMING UPDATES -- The 2010 U.S. Masters Swimming Summer Nationals were held in San Juan, Puerto Rico marking the first time our Nationals were held in the Caribbean. 
USMS Past President Mel Goldstein serves as chair of the UANA Masters Committee. He and the members of the UANA Masters Committee are preparing for the 4th UANA Pan Am Masters Championship which will be held from November 8 to 15, 2011 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
The UANA Executive Committee awarded the 5th Pan Am Masters Championships to USMS. USMS is partnering with the Sarasota YMCA in Sarasota, Florida and to host the Championships.  The dates of competition for each discipline are:
May 31 - June 2, 2013 Synchro;
June 5-9, 2013, Masters Swimming;
June 10, 2013, Open Water.

USMS Executive Director Rob Butcher reports:  "U.S. Masters Swimming is honored to host the 2013 Pan American Masters Championships. This is the first time the Pan American Masters Championships will be in the USA. We look forward to building on the legacy of past Championships and creating a memorable experience for our friends from South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Canada and the U.S."
USMS hosted Nigel Kemp, a representative from Canada Masters Swimming at the 2011 USAS Convention and Annual Meetings of USMS in Jacksonville, FL.
Nadine Day was elected the President of USMS at the 2011 USAS Convention and Annual Meetings of USMS in Jacksonville, FL.
At the USAS convention held in Jacksonville, FL, Chad Durieux was honored as Coach of the Year: Past USMS President Rob Copeland received the Captain Ransom J. Arthur, Award.
The Zone 3 representatives to the Masters Committee from 2007 to 2011 were: Mel Goldstein who served as the chair and Dr. Jim Miller who served as a member.  USMS has nominated and USAS has endorsed the nominations of Mel and Jim to serve as members of the 2011-2015 UANA Masters Committee.
Our 2007 to present USMS leadership team consisted of:
Rob Copeland, President (2005-2009)
Jeff Moxie, President (2009 - 2011)
Nadine Day, President (2011- 2013)
Rob Butcher, Executive Director
USA SWIMMING UPDATES  --  In 2010 USA Swimming offered the permanent location of the UANA office at their headquarters in Colorado Springs.  USA Swimming and the US Olympic Committee have supported the travel of Carol Zaleski, Dale Neuburger and Fernando Canales to attend many events throughout South and Central America and also throughout the Carribean.  During the quad USA Swimming hosted a UANA Swimming Officials Clinic in San Antonio, TX.
At the USAS convention held in Jacksonville, FL in September, Ryan Lochte was named the Swimmer of the Year and Dick Shoulberg was the recipient of the USA Swimming Award.
USAS has nominated Fernando to serve as the UANA Secretary - Treasurer on the 2011-2015 UANA Executive Committee.  The Zone 3 representatives to the UANA Technical Swimming Committee from 2007 to 2011 were:  Jill Sterkel and Fernando Canales.  USA Swimming has recommended and USAS has endorsed the nominations of Bruce Stratton and Jay Thomas to serve as members of the 2011-2015 UANA Technical Swimming Committee. The Zone 3 representatives to the UANA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee from 2007 to 2011 were:  Rick Walker and Denny Ryther.  USA Swimming has recommended and USAS has endorsed the nominations of Rick and Denny to serve as members of the 2011-2015 UANA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee.
Our 2007 to present USMS leadership team:
Jim Wood, President, 2006-2010
Bruce Stratton, President, 2010-2012
Chuck Wielgus, Executive Director
US SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING UPDATE  --  Our organization hosted the UANA Pan American Junior Synchronized Swimming Championships and a FINA Development Clinic for Coaches and Judges in Huntersville, NC August 2009.  
We sponsor an annual Coaches College usually held in Colorado Springs,CO that is regularly attended by coaches and officials from various countries within the Americas.  The USOC arranged a PASO grant that covered travel expenses for several coaches from UANA federations to attend the 2010 Coaches College which was held in Lake Placid, NY.  The USOC has provided international relations grants for travel stipends for foreign coaches to attend the Coaches College in 2007, ’08, ’09, and ’11.
We hosted a FINA Synchronized Swimming Judges' School, Miami,FL in 2010 and in Fort Lauderdale, FL in 2007.
The FINA Jr. World Championships and a Sports Medicine Seminar for Coaches, was held in conjunction with the event held in August 2010 in Indianapolis, IN.  Dr. Jim Miller and Dr.Saul Marks were presenters at the Sports Medicine Seminar.
The UANA Synchronized Swimming Championships are slated for Riverside, California in August 2014. 
Our annual awards presented in September 2011 recognized Mary Killman as our Athlete of the Year.  Joanne Wright was the recipient of the Lillian MacKellar Distinguished Service Award.
The Zone 3 representatives to the UANA Technical Synchronized Swimming Committee from 2007 to 2011 were:  Barbara McNamee and Charlotte Davis.  We have recommended and USAS has confirmed the nominations of Barbara and Charlotte for positions on the 2011-2015 UANA TSSC.
Our 2007 to present US SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING leadership team: 
Ginny Jasontek, President 2004 to 2008
Duke Zielinski, President 2008-2012
Terry Harper, Executive Director
USA WATER POLO  -- In 2007 we hosted the FINA Jr. Men's World Champions with 24 teams, the largest ever.  Each year since we have hosted prelim games of the FINA World League.  In 2010 we hosted the FINA Women's World League Super Final in San Diego.  We also hosted a UANA Water Polo Coaches Conference in conjunction with the men's 19 & under UANA championships held in Florida.
At the USAS convention held in Jacksonville, FL, Betsey Armstrong was honored as the Women’s Water Polo Athlete of the Year and Annika Dries was recognized as the Cutino Award Winner. 
The Zone 3 representatives to the UANA Technical Water Polo Committee from 2007 to 2011 were:  Lynn Wittstock and Andy Takata.  USA Water Polo has recommended and USAS has endorsed the nominations of Jim Cullingham and Takeshi Inoue to serve as members of the 2011-2015 UANA Water Polo Committee.
Our 2007 to present USMS leadership team:
Mike Graf, Chairman
Chris Ramsey, CEO and General Secretary

REPRESENTATION AT CONSANAT EVENTS & CONGRESSES  -- Dale, Carol, or Fernando have participated in the following CONSANAT events:
March 2008: Sao Paolo (BRA)
March 2009: Mar del Plata (ARG), also attended the South American Swimming Championships
March 2010: Medellin (COL), for South American Games
March 2011: Lima (PER), also attended the South American Swimming Championships which served as a test event for the FINA World Junior Swimming Championships
Support from the United States included complimentary copies of "Swimming in College" for each National Federation; dedicated location within American Swimming Coaches Association website for South American athletes seeking US collegiate opportunities; USA Swimming coach education materials for each National Federation; and, various types of technical assistance to help athlete development
REPRESENTATION AT CCCAN EVENTS & CONGRESSES -- Dale, Carol or Fernando have participated in the following CONSANAT events:
November 2007: UANA Seminar in Florida, providing administrative assistance to National Federations
July 2010: Mayaguez (PUR), General Congress and CCCAN Swimming Championships
July 2011: Mayaguez (PUR), General Congress and CCCAN Swimming Championships

 The Mexican Federation held The Central American and Caribbean Aquatic Sports Convention on August 26-29, 2010.  Several representatives from the US were present, representing Synchronized Swimming, Open Water (Steve Munatones), and Medical (Dr. Jim Miller).  Dr. Miller delivered the opening address entitled Nutrition and Performance - The Magic is in the Basics.  The other addresses that he presented were The Unique Challenges of Open Water Swimming and The Dynamic Shoulder: The Prevention of Shoulder Injuries.  Mr. Munatones' presentations focused on open water topics and conducting open water events.

MAX RITTER AWARD  --  The R. Max Ritter Award was donated by the Ritter Family and is presented annually by United States Aquatic Sports to the organization or individual of a FINA member country who has contributed the most to the advancement of understanding and good will among nations through international participation in amateur aquatic sports. During the past quad, USAS has honored three people from within the UANA Family:  2011 - Eldon Godfrey; 2010 - Francisco Javier López Chaves;  2007 - Coaracy Nunes Filho.  Other recipients from within the UANA Family include Tom Gompf, Orban Mendoza, Gerald T. Olson, Julio Maglione, Carol Zaleski, and Javier Ostos Mora.
ANNUAL MEETINGS OF UNITED STATES AQUATIC SPORTS  --  On an annual basis the member sports meet together at our annual convention.  During the quad, USAS Conventions were held in Anaheim, CA (2007), Atlanta, GA (2008), Chicago, IL (2009), Dallas, TX (2010) and most recently in Jacksonville, FL (2011).  In 2010 UANA President Eldon Godfrey and AFC President Bill Hogan were our guests and observed our meetings including the House of Delegates. 
UANA PERMANENT OFFICE OPENED IN COLORADO SPRINGS  --  At the suggestion of former UANA President Carol Zaleski, USA Swimming and United States Aquatic Sports submitted a proposal to the UANA Executive Committee to locate the permanent office of UANA in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Kathy Parker is the UANA Administrator and Brenda Adams serves as assistant UANA Administrator.  The UANA Permanent Office is based at the headquarters of USA Swimming at the following address:
c/o USA Swimming  - Kathy Parker  
One Olympic Plaza
Colorado Springs, CO  80909  USA
Phone:  719-866-4579  eMail:  [email protected]
The primary responsibility will be to assist in the dissemination of the UANA Newsletter which is planned to be a quarterly communication to the UANA Family.  USA Swimming has waive the expenses for rent, utilities or office staff working on UANA projects.  USA Swimming will be reimbursed for telephone, fax, postage and copying.
OFFICERS OF UNITED STATES AQUATIC SPORTS  --  USAS officers for the quad included:
Jim Wood, President, 2010-2012
Rich Foster, President, 2006-2010
Steve McFarland, Vice President, 2006-2012
William Smith, Vice President, 2010-2012
Ron Van Pool, Vice President, 2006-2010
Laurette Longmire, Secretary, 1998-2012
Mel Goldstein, Treasurer, 1998-2012
Respectfully submitted,
Jim Wood, President, United States Aquatic Sports
October 17, 2011
Guadalajara, Mexico