Aquatics Canada Aquatiques
Board of Directors

President:  Synchro Canada /Artistic Swimming -  Judi Enns Bradette - Secretary - [email protected] 
President:  Diving  Cananda  Kelly Stark Anderson - Vice President - [email protected]
President:  Swimming Canada Cheryl Gibson - Vice President-  [email protected]
President:  Waterpolo Canada  Conrad Hadubiak - [email protected]
FINA Bureau Member & UANA Vice President:  Margo Mountjoy  - [email protected]
Name of National Federation *
Aquatics Canada Aquatiques
National Federation Address * Lisa Schott #10 2200 Varsity Esates Dr NW 
Calgary Alberta T3B 4Z8 
Primary email address of Federation * [email protected]
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Federation President * Lisa Schott
Email address of Federation President * [email protected]
Federation Secretary * Henry Scheil
Email address of Federation Secretary * [email protected]
Federation Technical Director * John Atkinson
Email address of Federation Technical Director * [email protected]

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* Aquatics Canada  Aquatiques 

Report to the UANA Congress - October 17, 2011

Current Board of Directors of the Aquatic Federation of Canada (AFC)

President:      Bill Hogan

Director:        Kelly Stark-Anderson (Diving Canada)

Director:        Frank Meunier     (Water Polo Canada)

Director:        Lisa Schott (Synchro Canada)



With the last UANA General Congress taking place July 15, 2007 in Rio de Janeiro, Canada representatives were Eldon Godfrey, Bill Shaw, Linda Cuthbert, Bill Hogan, Margo Mountjoy, and Bill McFarlane.  At this Congress, Eldon Godfrey was elected as president of UANA for the quadrennial 2007-2011.

May 2008:  Joint meeting hosted by USAS president Rich Foster and AFC president Bill Hogan in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  It was at this meeting where discussions focused primarily on “Administration and Continental Cooperation”, that plans for a UANA Congress and the UANA Reception at the 2009 FINA World Championships were initially discussed.  Attendees from Canada were Eldon Godfrey, Bill Shaw, Margo Mountjoy, Bill Hogan, Gordon Peterson, Lisa Schott and Kathy Seaman.

May 2009:  This years UANA Conference was also held at the International Swimming Hall of Fame in Fort Lauderdale, and was jointly hosted by UANA, USAS, and AFC.  The conference grew to include a much larger number of attendees, including FINA president Julio Maglione, a number of FINA Bureau members, the UANA Executive Committee, the UANA Technical Committee Chairpersons, delegates from United States Aquatic Sports (USAS) and the Aquatic Federation of Canada (AFC).

May 2010:  Jointly sponsored by UANA, USAS and AFC, this years conference was the largest of all with attendance that included 8 FINA Bureau members, the FINA Executive Director Cornel Marculescu, the full UANA Executive, UANA Technical Committee Chairpersons, delegates from LEN, British Swimming, and the president of the Mexican Swimming Federation.  Also in attendance were the Executive committee members from CCCAN and CONSANAT, the executive of USAS, USA Diving, USA Masters, USA Swimming, USA Synchronized Swimming, USA Water Polo, and 17 delegates from the Aquatic Federation of Canada.  This conference proved most beneficial with its joint meetings, breakout meetings, panel discussions, as well as plenary sessions throughout the weekend.  It is with many thanks that we mention Greg Eggert for his countless hours in coordinating these conferences.


In July 2009, UANA, USAS and AFC jointly sponsored a reception in honour of FINA president Julio Maglione held during the FINA World Championships.  The reception catered to some 300 FINA delegates attending the championships and was coordinated with many thanks to Laurette Longmire.



LEN CONGRESS 2008-2011

The Aquatic Federation of Canada had delegates attend the LEN Congresses over the past quadrennial when Eldon Godfrey, Margo Mountjoy, and Bill Hogan were in attendance at different sessions.






The Aquatic Federation sent two representatives, Eldon Godfrey and Bill Hogan, to Dallas for the 2010 annual convention at the invitation of USAS.  It was a wonderful opportunity to solidify our ongoing cooperation with the United States Aquatics Sports, and participate in the panel discussions, address the assemblies, and enjoy the hospitality afforded us throughout the weekend.  Our expressions of sincere thanks go out to Rich Foster, USAS president, and each of the aquatic sport disciplines for their hospitality throughout the weekend.






A large delegation from the AFC attended the FINA World Aquatics Convention held at the Conrad Resort in Punta del Este, Uruguay from Sept 27-29, 2010.  From the 4 aquatic sports of Swimming, Diving, Synchronized Swimming and Water Polo, the Aquatic Federation of Canada delegates attending were Eldon Godfrey (UANA president), Margo Mountjoy (FINA Bureau member), Pierre Lafontaine (CEO Swimming Canada), Frank Meunier (President Water Polo Canada), Lisa Schott (President Synchro Canada), Catherine Gosselin-Després (COO Synchro Canada), Penny Joyce (COO Diving Canada), Kelly Stark-Anderson (President Diving Canada), Brian Johnson (President SNC), Ed Evelly (FINA Masters Committee Chair), Ahmed El-Awadi (E.D. Water Polo Canada) and Bill Hogan (President of the Aquatic Federation of Canada).  







Each of the individual Canadian aquatic disciplines sent full support teams with its athletes to the FINA World Championships in Shanghai.  For the FINA Extraordinary Congress held in conjunction with the event, Canada’s representatives at the Congress itself were voting delegates Bill Hogan (AFC President) and Kelly Stark-Anderson (Diving Canada President), along with Congress observers Lisa Schott (Synchro Canada President) and David de Vlieger (Swimming Canada President).






Future UANA Continental Events - Canada




In the summer of 2015, Canada will host the Pan American and ParaPan American Games.  It will be the third time Canada has hosted this world-class event, the last time in 1999 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  More than 10,000 athletes, coaches and delegates from the each of the 4 continental zones comprising UANA will compete in 48 sports at more than 40 venues, within the Toronto, Welland Canal, Niagara Falls regions.  The projected timeframe for the Pan American Games is July while the ParaPan American Games will be in August 2015.