Welcome to the official web page of the Union Americana de Natacion.  We are a sports organization with the purpose of organizing, supervising and controlling, in the Western Hemisphere, the amateur aquatics activities of Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, Synchronized Swimming, Master and Open Water Swimming.  Here you will find valuable information of the swimming activities in the Americas.


In 1948 during the Olympic games in London, England, an enthusiastic group of athletic administrators with strong convictions, met for the purpose of unifying aquatic activities in the Americas into a single regional and international organization.

In order for this Constituent Assembly to take place, it was necessary that the four geographic areas comprising this organization to be united in purpose, and that their representatives be present.

Zone 1, including all of the South American nations was represented by the South American Swimming Confederation, which had appointed delegates for the meeting.

Zone 2, formed by the nations of Central America (from Guatemala to Panama), the Caribbean Amateur Swimming Confederation, which also appointed its respective delegates.

Zone 3, which corresponds to the United States of America was represented at that time by delegates appointed by the Amateur Athletic Union.

Zone 4, which includes Canada and the British Commonwealth not located in the three zones was represented through the Aquatic Federation of Canada.

From the very first meeting in Wembley, the representatives of the four zones were unified in their commitment to an organization with friendship and fellowship as its foundation, competitive and administrative operations based on friendly solutions and to the goal of an organization that would function as one great family of the Americas.

Thus the organization's success has been the result of many years of close, cordial and sincere friendship among its directors and the representative regional organizations of the constituent Zones and National Federations.

The reality is that in aquatic activities, our America's bonds of friendship and fellowship keep united, with the opportunity of becoming increasingly stronger.

The original group of enthusiastic supporters gave life ans a name to that family ans so it was on August 8, 1948 that the Amateur Swimming Union of the Americas (Unión Amateur de Natación de las Américas) was founded.

The A.S.U.A / U.A.N.A. is proud to have been the first sport to unify the four areas of the Americas into one organization.  An even greater source of pride and satisfaction is the factor that the A.S.U.A / U.A.N.A. not only managed to form the union, but managed to develop a larger, stronger and all, a deeply human and fraternal organization over the years.

Although we have been appointed out as  a praiseworthy example of the international sporting world, we have not been without our detractors.  Neither situation adds nor substracts from the merit of our work, since we continue to achieve our goal of maintaining the bonds of friendships and fellowship, which have over the years become stronger and imperishable.

We trust that whoever might be our future leaders, they shall receive this legacy and lead our organization along the clear and well defined path of close and sincere friendship.

From the writing of  Lic. Javier Ostos Mora, Honorary President.

Founders of the A.S.U.A / U.A.N.A

  Antonio G Mariscal Mexico  
  Lawrence J. Johnson United States  
  Marioo L. Negri Argentina  
  H. E. Herschorn O.B.E. Canadá  
  Javier Ostos Mora Mexico  
  Harold W. Daly Canadá  
  Roberto J. Monteverde Argentina  
  Miguel Alegre Velarde Perú  
  Osvaldo F. Da Costa Brasil  
  César Suffritti Argentina  
  Guido de Rossi Perú  
  Pablo Heiborn Brasil  
  Carlos Trupp Chile  
  Pedro Aquirrebena Perú  
  George Oganesoff Colombia  
  Mauricio de Andrade Belenn Brasil