NTA Mission Statement

North Tampa Aquatics offers swimmers of all abilities the chance to achieve the highest level of excellence within the sport of swimming in a positive and inclusive environment. 

Cheval Golf & Athletic Club Operating Values

1.  Empowering a culture of ownership and teamwork

Every employee owns what we do here at the club. We are supportive of each other and always look for ways to help others on the team. Teams work when everyone is committed to ensuring that success is not just for one area doing well but when we ALL are doing well.

2. Be respectful and credible in all we say and do

Our words supported by our actions determine who we are everyday. Whether it is to each other or to our members we always can be counted on to deliver on our promises.  

3. Exceptional service to members, guests and staff

We all have moments of truth and that is when we interact with others. Simply put, if someone will recommend the Cheval Athletic Club to a friend, then we have a chance to be a very successful company. It is up to us!

4. Engage others to connect and positively impact lives

We have an opportunity to help individuals and families improve their lives in many ways. Whether it is through sports, fitness, or club activities we can make a difference in someone’s life!

5. Commitment with passion

Having fun at what you do comes from being in an atmosphere where you come to work fired up to help others. Being at the AC brings that out in all of us to make it THE PLACE TO BE!