Swim Melbourne—USA Swimming is back on beachside

Mike Mirda

Meet Swim Melbourne, a USA Swimming team destined to reignite the sport of competitive swimming in Brevard County.  Destiny turned into reality.  Truly, two dreams in parallel brought it to life —one right here in Brevard County and the other in South Florida. 

Here in Brevard, Mike Mirda—FAU freestyle sprinter (and Satellite Scorpion alum)—and his wife Kristin Mirda—a University of Richmond swimmer—just found out they were having a baby, when the weighty question popped up:  “Where will our kids swim?”  Both grew up as competitive swimmers in swim towns longing for the same opportunities for their children, as they anticipated preteen and teenage year sports.  Mike set out on a long journey to plan and build a dream swim program in his hometown, but he needed a Head Coach to put Brevard back on the scout’s map.  

Down in South Florida, John Walsh finished his ocean engineering Master’s degree program and was assistant coaching at Florida Atlantic when he got the call to assistant coach at Westminster.  Having passed up numerous offers in his chosen field of ocean engineering, John elected to coach. His dream of coaching a champion-caliber swim team was firmly in the works.  

Mike met John when they teamed together at the 2015 Swim-Around-Key-West open water race and shared their synergized visions of building a successful swim program. John was ecstatic and immediately drawn to Melbourne, but chances of this idea turning into a reality were slim. So, they brainstormed, researched, ran the scenarios over and over again.  Fast forward three years, John gets a call the week before school starts from Mike who says, “The time is right, let’s do this!”  And Swim Melbourne was born.

Swim Melbourne’s mission is to provide a competitive, fun environment with an end goal of transforming swimmers of all age groups into true competitors without limits. We have the know-how and drive to develop the discipline, work ethic, and personal responsibility in each swimmer that is necessary to achieve the highest levels in the sport and, further, do it in a manner which shapes character and leadership ideals.