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Florida Swimming

The Haines City Tritons offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of the Tritons to offer age specific training for all of our athletes. Practice and training sessions are geared towards challenging each swimmer to reach their greatest personal potential.

Tryouts by appointment. Contact us via email with your phone number and Coach Laurie Grazier will contact you to set up a tryout. Swimmers must be a minimum of 5 years old and be able to swim 25 yards of front crawl (freestyle) and 25 yards of backstroke (or close to it). We will recommend more swim lessons if needed.

Email: [email protected]

Practice Groups and Description

Age Group Novice

This is our entry level group. The swimmers in this group have successfully completed the try out requirements. The group is instructed by an “in the water” coach. The swimmers are introduced to all four of the competitive strokes. Emphasis in this group is learning, strength enhancing exercise, swimming endurance, competitive stroke development, but most of all having a good time. It will be FUN on Tritons

Age Group Beginner

Swimmers in this group have shown that they are capable of demonstrating the four competitive strokes. The emphasis in this group is to perfect the four competitive strokes. Stroke drills are introduced to the swimmers in order to improve stoke technique. Starts and Turns are also introduced to the swimmers in this group. Swimmers will be taught to do Starts through a progression of skill tests, with increasing degrees of difficulty, before permitted to dive from a starting block. Work load in this group is increased to satisfy the need for swimming endurance. To reach this goal swimmers are introduced to basic interval training sets as well as being coached on to how to use training tools such as hand paddles, kick boards, fins, and pull buoys. Get ready to race!

Age Group Developmental

Swimmers in this group have surpassed the beginner level and have advanced into a more competitive mode in their training. Thus, the emphasis in this group is to develop and gradually increase swimming endurance. To accomplish this goal the swimmers will be introduced to more challenging training sets. Training in this group will prepare the swimmers to compete in sprint and mid distance events by increasing their work load. Competition is encouraged and the skills needed to be competitive are taught to swimmers in this group. Stroke technique continues to be polished. Compete to achieve!

Age Group and Senior Competitive Group

Athletes in this group have the desire for training on a committed and consistent basis. Emphasis in this group is to expose the swimmers to a high level of strength and endurance training through intense swimming workouts and dry land training while at the same time stressing the importance of excellent stroke technique. Endurance is improved significantly with the increased work load during practices. Goal setting with the idea of qualifying for Championship level competition should be at the forefront of each swimmer’s mind when in this group. Training becomes more geared towards individual talents. Success by athletes in this group is performance based. Results from competing in swim meets provide the coach and swimmer with an idea as to what needs to be worked on by each individual at any given practice. Often swimmers in this group have the desire to swim at the collegiate level after their age group swimming experience. The coach of this group will genuinely help to facilitate and provide direction for this dream to occur. One team one vision. Go Tritons!


Masters is our adult group that practices during regularly scheduled practices. All Master swimmers must be registered with United States Masters Swimming (USMS). This registration not only is required for competition at the Masters level but is also necessary for your insurance coverage at all swim team practices and events. Competing is NOT required. You may want to stay fit, train for other types of competition, meet new like minded friends or just swim for the fun of it. You are never to old to be a Triton.