1. All team members are reminded that when traveling on trips, competing in meets, and attending other meet- related functions, you are representing both yourself and the CHRISTUS Louisiana Aquatic Club program as well as CHRISTUS Health.  Your behavior must positively reflect the high standards of the club and management.
  2. All swimmers and chaperones traveling with the team will attend all team functions and are expected to know all travel/meeting schedules and strictly adhere to them.  Coaches will establish warm-up times and other trip related timetables as needed.  Being prompt and on time is essential.
  3. Swimmers are expected to remain with the team at all times during a trip. Swimmers are not to leave the pool, the hotel, or any other place at which the team has gathered without the permission of a coach or chaperone. 
  4. When traveling by van, swimmers must wear seat belts and remain seated at all times.
  5. Male swimmers are not allowed in female swimmers’ hotel rooms, nor are female swimmers permitted in male swimmers’ rooms unless a chaperone/coach has granted permission (i.e. for a small group to watch a movie).
  6. Swimmers are to refrain from inappropriate physical contact.
  7. All swimmers are expected to strictly adhere to the curfew established by the coaching staff.  At curfew, all lights, TV’s, electronic equipment, etc. must be turned off and no talking is permitted.
  8. Swimmers are expected to be quiet and respect the rights of teammates and other hotel guests during evening hours and the rest time between prelims and finals.
  9. Swimmers are expected to travel with and stay with the team on team travel trips. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Head Coach or his designee prior to the trip.
  10. Chaperones must agree to fulfill their responsibilities to the swimmers entrusted to their care and to the other chaperones and coaches.  Swimmers may not be chaperones.
  11. Violation of these rules will result in disciplinary action, including the possibility of being sent home from the meet at the expense of the swimmer’s family.