Mom Squad

Our Mom Squad is the first point of contact for CLAC families. These seasoned swim moms are here to answer all of your questions and to keep parents up to date.  They also manage our Group Me communications and assist in planning socials and events.

Silver 1 

Katelyn Rodgers (Lucy)  318-286-7226

[email protected]

Jessica Calhoun (Lilly)  318-294-1064

[email protected]

Silver 2

Jamie Scoggin (Kensey) 318-455-1118

[email protected]

Edie Monday (Macy & Maebree) 318-458-0526

[email protected]


Jennifer Parris (Eli) 719-433-8542

[email protected]

General Questions & Website Help

Amy Garsee (Taylor) 318-453-0199

http://[email protected]