The Firefish Team is a year-round competitive swim team offering professional coaching and technique instruction for almost all ages and abilities. The team is a USA Swim team for children from ages 6 to 18 and a division of AquaSafe Swim Programs.

Our mission is to develop successful competitive swimmers and to use swimming as a vehicle to develop character, teach life lessons, and create a life-long love of swimming. Programs have cultures that can vary widely. Ours is designed to develop every swimmer, not just young superstars. No swimmer is just a number. We want swimmers to grow to their personal maximum potential.

It is well established that most athletically gifted children at 8 through 12 years of age are rarely heard from by the time they are 16. Our goal is to nurture everyone throughout their age group career. Our motto is “Never Give In” so swimmers learn that by working hard and smart they will assimilate life lessons that will help them deal successfully with challenges in all parts of their lives.

The foundation of our program is teaching the proper technique. Times tell how fast the swimmer is, technique tells how fast the swimmer should be. This is the primary focus in Bronze, our entry-level, and carried throughout all levels.

“Training does not matter if you do not have a competent stroke. The first building block of success is correct stroke technique…..every coach, and especially every coach of age groupers must have that as their primary aim in working with young people. There is no shortcut to this. You simply have to put in the time with the athlete and do the work. Once they can swim, then they are ready to train for competitive events.” Head Coach Walter Schluter

Bronze Group is our entry level group.  In order to qualify a swimmer should be able to complete 25 yards of Freestyle with their head in the water and 25 yards of backstroke without turning over This level meets 3 times per week. We have found that young children learn faster this way and the free time allows them to enjoy other sports as their bodies and coordination develop. Employing this from the beginning, children tend to enjoy sports more and reduces the risk of injury as they grow. Increasing the days of practice and yards of swimming at this stage will increase the probability of “burn out”. Also swimming with incorrect technique creates bad habits which are more difficult to correct later in their careers. Practice makes habits and we want to create good ones. There are many fast swimmers with poor technique; not one of them is swimming to their potential.

Silver Group is our next level. Technique instruction continues while we simultaneously begin to add yardage in order to create an aerobic base. Silver is 1 hour long and available 5 days per week. Swimmers are not required to attend every practice but the more they swim, the more they will learn. The goal is to prepare swimmers for the Gold level, our top group.

Gold Group is our top level group. It is designed to create highly competitive swimmers from the local to the national stage. Our approach with the Gold Level differs from many other teams.

The Firefish focus on a balance of work, rest, and diet. With today’s pressures on young people balancing schoolwork and homework, it is easy to assign too much practice time and yardage, thus breaking down the body and not allowing adequate time to recover.

With the Firefish, we are concerned with the entire person, not just the athlete. Learning the value of hard work, friendships, and having fun and gives young people added tools to negotiate their environment.

"Achieving excellence … should excite you. Darn, you’re going after something you want— savor every moment." Bob Bowman, Coach of Michael Phelps

"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we catch excellence." Vince Lombardi

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