GERM wins Albatross while setting a lot of new team (and two meet) records

Mark Walters
Apr 2, 2019

GERM swimmers had many outstanding swims Saturday night, bringing home the men's, women's, and combined team high scores.  Every participant contributed to GERM's final point total.

Here are our two new meet recordsAndrew Mann (M18-24 200m free) and Anthony Higgins (M50-54 200m back).

Here are our new team records in individual eventsLisa Chin (W35-39 200m free), Dorota Hassett (W40-44 200m breast and 100m fly), Johanna Schneider (W45-49 200m breast), Lynne Andrews (W70-74 50 and 100m free and 100m back), Andrew Mann (M18-24 50m free, back, fly and 100m IM), Higgins (M50-54 50, 100 and 200m back and 400m IM), Mark Young (M55-59 200m free and back and 400m IM), Mark Walters (M65-69 100 and 200m fly and 100m breast), Stephen Wright (M70-74 50, 100 and 200m back), David Robinson (M75-79 50m back), Ronald Greger (M75-79 50, 100 and 200m breast), and Roger Golden (M75-79 50 and 100m fly and 100m IM).

Finally, our new team relay records:  Men's 100-119 400m medley:  Kempsey Clark, Todd Culliton, Jason George and Mann; Men's 200-239 400m medley:  Dan Blitz, Gustavo Sandi, Bryan Main, Young; Men's 240-279 400m free:  Roger Golden, Scott Golden, Robinson, Wright.