1. Spring Break at Quince Orchard 4/15 thru 4/21 2. GISC workout session ends 4/19, but . . .

Mark Walters
Apr 7, 2019

1.  Spring Break at Quince Orchard Approaches.  This Sunday, April 14, will be our last workout for a week at QO.  Workouts resume on Monday, April 22, and continue through Mothers Day, Sunday, May 12th.

2.  GISC winter/spring session ends Friday, April 19.  As usual, we will have a short session beginning Monday, April 22 and ending Friday, May 24th.  You must register for the new session to continue beyond April 19.  The County does not prorate this short session for us, but you can accomplish the same thing by registering for once a week and coming three times a week, or buying drop in passes for masters (available in batches of 1, 2, 4, and 8 workouts).  There is a button linking you to the County's registration site on our website.