Swimfest Fort Ritchie results

Mark Walters
May 27, 2019

Many GERM swimmers participated in this open water event, and most did more than one of the three distances:  750, 1500, and 2250.  Age group winners included Mark Young (1st in 2250, M55-59) and Maggie Bartlett (1st in 2250, W60-64).  Other highlights include: Chad Matthews (3rd in 2250, M40-44), Dao Zhou (22nd in 1500, W45-49), Caren Bancroft (6th in 750, W45-49), David Ruf (5th in 1500, M55-59), Johanna Schneider (5th in 2250, W45-49), Bryan Main (4th in 2250, M45-49), Jim Rill (6th in 750, M60-64), Greg Nelson (5th in 750, M55-59),  Susan Lynch (17th in 1500, W50-55), Anne Henochowicz (8th in 1500, W35-39), Francis Swift (21st in 2250, M55-59), Deborah Gilgore (4th in 1500, W55-59).