1. Tell your swimming friends about "Try Masters Swimming" 2. June 23 Masters Meet

Mark Walters
May 28, 2019

1.  Invite your swimming or multi-sport friends to "Try Masters Swimming."

This is being offered by USMS nationwide to people who have never been USMS members before.  Please pass it along to family and friends who like to swim, participate in multi-sport events, or may want a cross-training option.

GERM is implementing it with 7-day or 30-day try-us-out options.  The new swimmer pays $15 (7-day) or $60 (30-day) for unlimited workouts during that period, but does NOT have to join USMS ($50 for they calendar year).  Instead, they fill out a waiver form which is sent to USMS headquarters for insurance purposes.  At the end of the try-out period each swimmer can join USMS and register for more workouts, or walk away if it is not what they're looking for.

If you know someone who might be interested, send them the following explanation for how to try masters swimming with GERM:

If you have never been a member of USMS before you can try us out twice a week for 7 or 30 days before joining USMS provided that you:

                       1) click on the button "New To Masters? Try Us Out!",

                       2) print, fill out, and sign both page of the waiver form,

                       3) hand it to the coach at your first workout, or mail it to Mark Walters, 13504 Spinning Wheel Dr., Germantown, MD 20874, 

                       4) pay for 7 ($15) or 30 ($60) days' worth of workouts by check made out to "Germantown Maryland Masters Swimming, Inc."

     Hand the check to the coach at your first workout, or mail it to Mark Walters, 13504 Spinning Wheel Dr., Germantown, MD 20874.  

2.  June 23 Meet - UMAC-Terrapin Masters

Some of the details are below, but you can click here for the full scoop on this local meet.

Join UMAC-Terrapin Masters for a fun summer meet. In this Pentathlon type meet, we have designed event options and the order of events to encourage swimmers to try something new. Please ensure you read and understand the order of events before entering the meet. Prizes will be awarded for the best female and male IMer and Mid Distance Freestylers.

Event # Event
1         Mixed 800 Freestyle
2&3   100 Butterfly
4&5  50 Butterfly
6&7  100 Backstroke
8&9  50 Backstroke
10          Mixed 400 Freestyle
11&12 100 Breaststroke
13&14 50 Breaststroke
15&16 100 Freestyle
17&18 50 Freestyle
19             200 Freestyle
20&21 200 Individual Medley
22&23 400 Individual Medley