2019 SCM National Top Ten Relays Include 31 GERM Swimmers

Mark Walters

Here are the 18 GERM relays (31 total swimmers) who made SCM national top ten times in 2019, and one LCM relay of note:

M100-119   200m free-3rd (Frankie Westbrooks, Jason George, Kempsey Clark, Bryan Rivera)

                   200m medley-5th (Westbrooks, George, Rivera, Clark)

                   400m free-5th (Todd Culliton, Clark, George, Andrew Mann)

                   400m medley-3rd (Clark, Todd Culliton, George, Mann)

M160-199   800m free (long course)-1st**(Westbrooks, David Robinson, Farol Tomson, Clark)  (Relay All Americans)

M200-239   200m free-6th (Scott Golden, Gustavo Sandi, Karl Wunderlich, Anthony Higgins)

                   200m medley-4th (Higgins, Sandi, S.Golden, Wunderlich)

                   400m medley-8th (Dan Blitz, Sandi, Bryan Main, Mark Young)

W160-199  200m medley-7th (Dorota Hassett, Terri Postma, Lisa Chin, Denise Dombay)

                   400m free-4th (Postma, Chin, Dombay, Hassett)

                   400m medley-6th (Hassett, Postma, Chin, Dombay)

                   800m free-2nd (Hassett, Dombay, Postma, Chin)

X160-199   200m free-2nd (Chin, Hassett, Higgins, Matthew Paushter)

                   200m medley-2nd (Higgins, Sandi, Ivy Huang, Hassett)

X200-239   200m free-7th (Caren Bancroft, Dombay, S.Golden, Scott Jackson)

                  800m free-5th (Bancroft, Johanna Schneider, Dan Blitz, Wunderlich)

X240-279  200m free-10th (Lynne Andrews, Mike Boyle, Barbara Mallon, John Miller)

X280-319  200m medley-9th (Andrews, Boyle, Mark Walters, Linda Carter)

                  400m medley-4th (David Robinson, Andrews, Roger Golden, Deborah Gilgore)