GERM Swimmers Set 2 Meet and 24 Team Records In Winning Albatross Open

Mark Walters

Team scores are posted on the website.  Everyone who competed contributed points toward our wins in the men's, women's, and combined divisions.  Thanks for responding to Scott's call to action.

A special thanks to those who competed in their first meet for us.

Here are the meet and team records:

MEET RECORDSJeanne Lappin (W65-69 200m IM); Stephen Wright (M70-74 200m back).

TEAM RECORDS (INDIVIDUAL EVENTS): Clara Chan (W25-29 50m back); Lisa Chin (W35-39 400m free); Dorota Hassett (W40-44 200m fly); Karl Wunderlich (M55-59 50 and 100m free and 100m IM); Deborah Gilgore (W60-64 200m free); Jeanne Lappin (W65-69 50 and 100m fly and 100 and 200m IM); Stephen Wright (M70-74 50, 100 and 200m back); Ronald Greger (M75-79 100 and 200m breast); David Robinson (M75-79 100m IM).

TEAM RECORDS (RELAYS): Mixed 100-119 200m medley (LeeAnn Barrie, Clara Chan, Frankie Westbrooks, Kempsely Clark)

Mixed 100-119 400m medley (Barrie, Chan, Clark, Westbrooks)

Women 160-199 200m free (Caren Bancroft, Chin, Johanna Schneider, Hassett)

Women 200-239 400m free (Denise Dombay, Lappin, Chin, Hassett)

Women 240-279 200m free (Linda Carter, Barbara Mallon, Chris Noonan Sturm, Gilgore)

Men 280-319 200m free (Greg Nelson, Robinson, Greger, Wright)