Safety Reminders As We Move Most Workouts To Quince Orchard On Monday

Mark Walters

We have been doing a pretty good job on safety so far.  As we move most of our workouts to QO starting tomorrow, don't let your guard down.  

Most of what you need to know is in the COVID-19 waiver form you signed and gave to Todd.  Here's a reminder of some of the safety steps.

1.  Wear a mask in the parking lot and on deck until you are ready to swim, and again as you leave the pool.

2.  Do not use any of the deck furniture, or hang out before or after each workout.

3.  At QO, do not try to enter through the clubhouse.  Use the gate by the snack bar to enter.

4.  No showering or changing in the locker rooms.  Locker rooms can be used only for emergency bathroom trips.


No COVID-19 incidents or exposures have been reported yet.  Let's all do everything we reasonably can to keep it that way.