The County Recreation Department and the Facility decide when GISC is closed and programs are cancelled.  They do NOT follow the MCPS closing policy.  The following are the recommended methods of staying informed, in order of reliability:

1.  Register for Alert Montgomery, and choose to receive Rec. Dept. alerts. 

2.  Call GISC before you leave to make sure they are open.

      (240) 777-6830

3.  Check your email and the team website for a message from the team.  A cancellation message here can be trusted, but the absence of any message cannot.


1.  Weekday morning workouts:  If MCPS delays school openings or closes, and the announcement is made the night before, these workouts will be cancelled.  Swimmers can go to bed knowing there will be no workout.  If MCPS makes no announcement the night before, we will swim regardless of the MCPS decision on the morning of the workout.*

To get MCPS weather information any time of the day or night, watch local TV or click here:

2.  Weekend morning and evening workouts:  If there has not been an email or web-posting cancelling these, they will be held regardless of any school-closing decision.

3.  Wind:  If we get high winds, QO may close because of the threat to the stability of the bubble.  The Facility will decide this, not GERM.  Look for email and website notification, or call the facility at (301) 948-3116 before leaving.

* Of course, there may be situations where things deteriorate unexepectedly or so rapidly that we (or QO) will have to cancel or close with no notice on a weekday morning.  Please use good judgment before leaving home when this happens.