1.  Does my child have to attend The O’Neal School to be a member  swim team?  

No, membership and participation in our programs are open to all eligible swimmers who meet our qualification requirements and have the desire to better themselves through the sport of swimming.



2How do we sign up to try out the O’Neal Swim Team?  

Please email us via “Contact Us” button at the top of our website to schedule an evaulation time to determine which group is best suited for your swimmer.



3How do I know which Swim Group my child should swim in? 

Please contact us via “Contact Us” button at the top of our website to schedule an evaulation to determine which group is best suited for your child.



4.  How many practices should my child attend?  

Each group has a recommended amount of practices a swimmer should attend based on the individual's ability and goals. To move up to a new group, attendance requirements must be met. Senior Group have mandatory attendance expectations.

Click here for Group Information.



5.  How much will it cost to be a member of the O’Neal Swim Team? 

Each swimmer, will have monthly fees and be required to be a current USA Swimming Member ($70 non- O’Neal athlete).  Each family will have an Annual Family Registration fee of $300. For a complete break down of monthly costs, please click here.



6Does my swimmer have to participate in swim meets?  

Swimmers are prepared and encouraged to compete in meets. Coaches will choose athletes events. All you need to do is “commit them” via our websites. 



7. What meets can my swimmer attend?

Please be sure to check the events section of our website, linked here. All meets will have a description below them listing what groups can sign up to attend.



8. How are meet fees calculated?

Meet fees are determined by the hosting team. Hosting teams typically charge a per event fee as well as a per athlete surcharge or facility fee. This information is available on the “meet file” which can be found on There is an addition $15 coaches fee added per athlete for the O’Neal coaches travel costs.




9. Can I watch my child’s swim practice?

You are always welcome to stay during practice and peak through the glass doors. However, due to the limit pool space and poor accoustics, we cannot allow parents or any spectators to sit on the pool deck during practice. Feel free to take the this time to run some errands!



10. What does my swimmer need to bring to practice?

Every swimmer should bring a water bottle and required equipment to practice. If your swimmer’s group participates in Dryland, they will need tennis shoes and a gym clothes. Please see the link below for Group Equipment lists.



11. Where can I purchase necessary equipment, suits and caps?

For swim caps, please see your coach. Your account will be billed for every cap that you swimmer needs. All other items can be found via our team store, linked here.



12. My swimmer would like to take a break from swimming. How do I stop the fees?

If you would like to take a break from swimming, Gemma ([email protected]) must be notified 30 days in advance. If we do not recieve the request 30 days prior, your account will continue to be billed. Also, when your monthly fees are paused, you account may still be billed for any balance remaining (meet fees, caps, etc).