Competitive Swimming in South Jersey

Kroc Center-Camden and Medford Fitness Center

BWA Pre-Team Group 

Prerequisite to Participate: Ages 5-9. Swimmers must be able to swim one lap of freestyle and backstroke, and they may be ready to compete in a USA Swimming meet.
Program Dates:  September - May
Program Fees:  $895
FULL PAYMENT:  $895, due October 1st
8 Monthly Payments (including 5% convenience fee):  $117, due the 1st of October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May
BWA Annual Registration Fee:  $100
2 Swim Caps
Team Shirt & Warm-up Pants
Swim Meet Participation:  Athletes are encouraged to participate in swim meets that are available to the Pre-Team group. With a 12 & Under FLEX Membership through USA Swimming, athletes may participate in up to 2 swim meets (non-championship) per year. Members may be upgraded to a FULL USA Swimming Membership to participate in 3 or more meets. Any meet fees are billed separately from program fees.


Schedule Posted 9/112022