Competitive Swimming in South Jersey

Kroc Center-Camden and Medford Fitness Center

Swim Year 2022-23

Open for Returning Members

7/6/22 - 4/30/23

Open for New Members

7/17/22 - 4/30/23


Welcome to the Blue Wave Aquatics' electronic registration platform for the upcoming swim season. The registration process is simple and will allow you to access your own private account through which you can maintain your contact information and access important information about your swimmer and our team. Below are descriptions of the programs available for sign-up. In addition to program fees, a single annual registration fee will be assessed to each swimmer's first registration for the swim year.


Blue Wave Aquatics at the Kroc Center offers programming that fits your swimmer's needs. Click on the group name for full information, including practice times and program fees.

Pre-Team  Ages 5-9. Swimmers must be able to complete a lap of freestyle and backstroke, and they may be ready to compete in a USA Swimming meet.

Bronze  Ages 6-9. Beginner to advanced swimmer who want to refine skills in all four competitive strokes. Swimmer will compete in USA Swimming meets at their ability level.

Silver  Ages 9-12. Swimmers who want to maximize their skills and learn to train all four competitive strokes. Swimmers will be invited to participate in meets and will be able to compete in all events.

Gold  Ages 10-14. Swimmers who are serious about training, who know all four competitive swimming strokes, and who possess a passion to improve. Many of these swimmers aspire to swim at the collegiate level one day.

Platinum  Ages 13 & Over. Serious swimmers who have committed to their athletic training. This group is coached by one of the most accomplished coaches in the Middle Atlantic LSC. These athletes have goals to swim for a college of their choice. Swimmers must be willing to give 100% in all phases of the BWA Platinum program. Morning practices are required. Dryland and weight training are a vital part of the Platinum program. Admittance to the Platinum group must be approved by the Head Senior Coach.

For athletes wishing to prepare for high school and summer swim seasons, Blue Wave Aquatics offers prep programs in advance of each of those seasons.

Senior Swim Winter (or Spring) 11 & Over swimmers who want to continue to train from their winter season and/or get a head start for their summer season. The 'Winter' session is for high school prep and will be held in the fall. 'Spring' is for summer swim prep and will be held in the spring.


  • Sibling/Multiple Swimmer Discount: more swimmers = more saving
Swimmer 1 Full Price
Swimmer 2 Full Price
Swimmer 3 15% off for Swimmer #3
Swimmer 4 30% off for Swimmer #4
Swimmer(s) 5+ 45% off for Swimmer(s) #5+

Largest discount is applied to the lowest priced program, repeated accordingly

Discount does not apply to BWA @ Medford Fitness


Swimmers registering with Blue Wave Aquaticat Medford Fitness will create an account and register with BWA on this platform. All team communciation and swim meet administration will take place through this website. BWA Medford programming and program fees will contine to be managed through Medford Fitness.


BWA Annual Registration Fee - All Blue Wave Aquatics programs at the Kroc and at Medford require a membership fee that is to be paid at the time of registration. The fee for all team members, regardless of group, is $100.00.   All registrations will be verified during the approval process. This fee does not include the required USA Swimming membership fee.


NEW for 2022-23 ALL BWA MEMBERS MUST BE REGISTERED WITH USA SWIMMING ON THE NEW USAS REGISTRATION PLATFORM. This registration process will take place separately from the BWA site. Account holders will be responsible for registering team member. The registration window for USA Swimming will open on or about September 1st. The approximate cost for all team members (Pre-Team excluded) is $85. Pre-Team will be able to register with a Flex membership at the cost of $20.  Detailed instruction will be provided as it becomes available to BWA from USA Swimming.


We look forward to having you join the Blue Wave Aquatics and are excited for a great season!

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