Swimmers are assigned to a group first by age, then by skill level, based on coach’s assessment. The goal is to have each athlete in a group that provides the best potential for growth.

For the first two weeks of practice, new swimmers should attend practice groups according to their age. Coaches will make any necessary adjustments after observing swimmers.

White: Ages 6-10.  Novice swimmers who are able to swim at least one unassisted length of the pool in both freestyle and backstroke. This group focuses on the basics of all four strokes (freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke) and will also work on proper dives and turns. Swimmers will be taught proper lane etiquette and be introduced to the pace clock. Practice up to three times a week.

Orange: Ages 8-12.  Intermediate swimmers learning to master each of the four competitive strokes. Swimmers are given a more structured practice. The goal for this group is to be able to legally compete in all four strokes. Swimmers complete workouts based on the pace clock. Sets consist of 50s and eventually 100s. Practice up to three times a week.

Teal: Ages 10-14.  Our junior competitive team. Swimmers will experience challenging sets and practices while honing their technical skills. Sets include longer distances, such as 100s and 200s. Swimmers must be able to legally compete in all events. Practice up to four times a week.

Black: Ages 13 & Up.  Our senior competitive team. High school swimmers who compete at the varsity level. Swimmers execute challenging practices and improve their technique. Practice up to five times a week.