Group Description: The Courtside Senior 1 Competitive Group is comprised of male and female swimmers ages 14 years and older who can legally complete 50 yards of each of the four competitive swimming strokes. Swimmers are highly encouraged to attend one meet a month. 

Fall Senior 1 Practice Schedule (effective 9/10/18):

Senior 1 Group (STSC Location)
M-Th 3:30-5:00pm, swim only

Coach: Coach Caleb

Dues: $85.00/mo

Registration Fees: $293.00 (Courtside Registration Fee: $225.00 / OSI Registration Fee $68.00)


Equipment: Swimoutlet Courtside Team Store
1. List of Senior 1 Group Equipment: fins, kick board, pull buoy, jammer or brief suit or female competitive suit, goggles, cap, and snorkel, medium to large paddles. Click the team store link above and choose from a variety of equipment offered at a great price on our Swimoutlet Team Store!
2. Please choose black dominant with red accent colors.
3. Please contact your group coach if you have questions about equipment needs.