Triton Swim Board and Volunteer Information

What is the Courtside Aquatic Swim Team Board:

As a small, non-profit organization, we are run by a volunteer Board. This Board, along with other volunteers, performs the tasks required to operate our club. Our Board is comprised of team member parents, who work together, to make sure the team stays safe, viable and competitive. The Board meets once a month, and together they tackle the management side of the business and they vote on decisions that affect the club. Depending on role requirements, Board members may volunteer their time behind the scenes, at practice and/or during swim meets. The Board and other volunteers perform tasks that enable our team to function and that help ensure that our athletes have a local pool and swim team to train on. 

Basic Board responsibilities:

1. Determine the teams mission and purpose

2. Select the head swim coach

3. Support the head coach and review his/her performance

4. Ensure effective team planning

5. Determine, monitor and strengthen the team’s programs and services

6. Ensure adequate resources

7. Protect assets and provide financial oversight

8. Build a competent board

9. Ensure legal and ethical integrity and maintain accountability

10. Enhance the team’s public standing.

How can I join the Board:

If you are interested, we are currently growing our board. There are several available positions on the Board that will benefit from your time and skill set. Training is available. If interested, please email [email protected].

Board of Directors Officer Positions: (An elected position that serves a two year term)

President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Chair, Facilities

Other Volunteer Positions: 

Events Chair, Fundraising Chair, Volunteer Chair, Social Chair, Parent Representatives ,Media/Marketing Chair, Webmaster, Meet Entry Chair, Member at Large

Board Officer Position Descriptions:

President:  Chief Officer of the Club, presides over Club and Board meetings, advises Directors on matters of team business and executes contracts on behalf of the team. Acts as ex-officio member of all committees. Exercises general supervision over Officers and teams business and affairs.

Vice President. Presides at meetings in the absence of the President. Assists with presidential duties at the direction of the President.

Secretary: Attends all BOD meetings, records all minutes and votes, keeps and prepares a record of meeting minutes. Establishes location and time of monthly Board meetings, notifies Board Members of meetings, publishes Board Meeting schedule and serves notice to general membership of all special meetings. Maintains club correspondence, business files and records.

Treasurer: Establishes and manages fiscal budget, advises Board on budget and finance issues. Keeps and maintains books and business transactions. Collects Club fees and performs correspondence in regards to their collection. Presents quarterly financial statements. Accounts for and reviews fees and fundraising. Pays club expenses and entry fees. Ensures the completion of all required financial filings and reports required to remain 501c(3) compliant, at the federal and state level. Works with a committee to audit financial records at the end of the fiscal year.

Membership Chair: Responsible for recruiting, registering, and welcoming new swimmers and members. Communicates with members and prospective members about issues pertaining to membership and addresses problems relating to members not in good standing. Ensure that all swimmers are currently USA registered.

Facilities: Liaison between Courtside Aquatics and our landlord, Salem Tennis and Swim Club. Exercises supervision of pool and grounds and attends to maintenance needs of the pool, buildings and operating equipment.

Other Volunteer or Board Positions: (you're not required to be on the Board to help, our team can use all the support it can get)

Meet Director/Meet Entry Chair: Coordinates and plans home meets. Responsible for all activities involved in planning any USA sanctioned meet. Attends OSI meetings on behalf of Courtside Aquatics. Maintains communication with Head Coach, Volunteer Chair and parents. Registers with USA swimming as a non-athlete. Distributes, collects, processes and delivers meet entries in coordination with Head Coach. Coordinates all financing and meet fees with the Treasurer. Keeps meet records, and publish them at the end of the season.

Volunteer Chair/Coordinator: Assigns parent volunteer jobs, tracks volunteer requirements/hours and sends reminders to families who haven’t met requirements.  Oversees Timers, Officials and a Coordinator for age group athletes at swim meets. Coordinates volunteers for set up and clean up of home meets.

Fundraising Chair: Organizes and promotes fundraising opportunities and activities for the Club.

Events/Social Chair: Plans swim club social events, coordinates with Head Coach and organizes committees, volunteers and supervision for these social activities. Leads communication with the team about social events.

Parent Representatives: Communicates and coordinates the interests, obligations and concerns of each swimming group to the Board.

Media/Marketing Chair: Regularly updates and maintains various forms of social media/marketing for the club. Coordinates, promotes, orders and manages delivery of team apparel, caps and marketing material.

Webmaster: Updates and maintains website content, including team feeds and team resources. Coordinates with Events and Social Chairs and manages event signup activities.

Members at Large: Serves on boards and committees to provide guidance and leadership for Club functions.

Swim Official: Officiate at swim meets. Get registered with USA Swimming and perform required Official training, then volunteer to officiate at swim meets. (Did you know that most swim meets only accept a teams registration if they can agree to bring officials also - so we need several officials on our team.)