Welcome to Norristown Area Aquatic Club! 
We've been teaching and training new and competitive swimmers alike since 1973, and we'd love to have you join us.

Pool Safety Rules

  • Always enter the pool feet first from a jump (pencil jump) or sitting position.
  • Do Not grab the back stroke bars on the starting block when getting in the pool.
  • Diving into the pool is prohibited.
  • If you are instructed to swim a length of the pool, you are expected to do so without stopping, as stopping will create a lane jam for the other swimmers. However, if you are in distress (coughing, tired or have a cramp) you can hang onto the lane rope or wall at any time until you can safely resume swimming.
  • We swim in the pool lanes in either a circle pattern or straight line. When we swim a circle, we swim around the black line on the pool bottom, with the lane rope next to our right shoulder. The black line is like the center line on a highway, we never cross over the line into oncoming swimmers. A straight line swim is used only when the group is swimming one pool length at a time. Do not under any circumstances swim head on into another swimmer.
  • Swimmers are expected to practice appropriate lane etiquette during practice. Passing is done by moving to the center of the lane. Swimmers being passed should move to the side as much as possible, but not stop. Swimmers passing other swimmers may never grab, strike or interfere with the swimmer they are passing in any way.
  • The flags that string across the pool at each end are called "backstroke flags" and are used by swimmers who are swimming or kicking on their back, indicating that they are at the end of the pool. Until instructed otherwise, when you are on your back and reach the flags, you will take two (2) additional strokes or kicks and turn onto your stomach and swim freestyle the remaining distance to the wall. This is done to prevent you from hitting the wall while on your back. Because that hurts.
  • Do not under any circumstances swim or dive with your eyes closed.
  • If you have a question or a concern, let your coach know. It's OK to do so.