Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my child be a swimmer?

*Swimming is an outstanding activity for people of all ages.
*Swimming promotes fitness and teaches a child to strive for physical achievement. *Many super-stars in other sports started out as swimmers and gained strength and coordination that helped them to excel.
*Swimming is an exciting individual and team sport.
*Swimming is a technical and specialized activity involving extensive skill development.
*Swimming is a healthy "lifetime" activity. Participants may be 1 or 101 years old.
*Swimming is relatively injury free in comparison to other youth sports.
*Swimming teaches the life lessons of sport and sportsmanship which include learning to deal with winning and losing, as well as working with officials
,teammatesand coaches.

*Swimming motivates participants to strivefor

self improvement and teaches goal orientation.
*Swimming cultivates a positive mental attitude and high self-esteem.
*In a few years, the medals and ribbons will be laid aside and best times will be a hazy memory. The friendships that will develop and the life skills learned will carry on for a lifetime.

What are my roles and responsibilities to the club as a swim parent?

Parental involvement is a crucial component to the success of our club. As a swim parent, the club will need you to volunteer in order to help our club run smoothly. Swim parent volunteers are used in a variety of ways throughout the club. A few of the area's in which you as a swim parent can become involved are: volunteering for jobs at the swim meets, set up and tear down the snack stand, attend parent meetings, participate in leadership roles, lead/organize committee's (snack stand/end of year banquet), and become swim officials. In parent owned clubs, parents are needed in leadership roles as board members and committee leaders.

Getting involved with your child's club is a great way to meet people, have fun and teach your child about commitment. Many swim parents develop long-term friendships and enjoy the family-like atmosphere that develops when people work together. Working at a meet can be a lot more fun than sitting in the stands! Additionally, when your child sees you devoting time and energy to help the team, he or she understands that team loyalty is important and worthwhile.

When and where are the parent meetings?

Parent meetings are generally held the 3rd Monday every month at 7:00 PM.

During the winter season, the meetings are held in the Palmyra High School, room 101.
During the summer season, the meetings are held at the Palmyra Community Pool.

What should I bring to a swim meet?

*Your requested donation to the snack stand.

*Most importantly: At leastone

swim suit, swim cap, and 2 pairs of goggles.

*Several towels so your swimmer has a dry one each time that they exit the pool.

*Something comfortable for your swimmer to sit/rest on. Your swimmer may be sitting in a gym or hallway; however, most often they will be sitting on the pool deck. Please keep in mind that space on the pool deck is often limited. Your swimmer may want to share their sleeping bag/blanket with several friends.

*Plenty of dry clothing to keep your swimmer warm between their events.

*Things for your child (and their swimmer friends) to help pass the time until their next event. Items such as cards, color books, activity pads, small travel games tend to be good ideas. Electronic devices are not encouraged because of the risk of getting them wet.

*Snacks such as granola bars, fruit snacks, yogurt, vegetables, and sandwiches are good choices. Most host teams provide a snack stand where your swimmer can purchase a variety of healthy snacks for a low cost. Please try to support the host team's snack stand since this is generally aneasy

fund raising opportunity for the club to help cover costs incurred to the club over the swim season.

*Once you have attended one or two meets this will all become very routine. Please do not hesitate to ask any other parent for help or information.

*These meets are a lot of fun for the swimmers! He/she gets to visit with his/her friends, play games, and meet kids from other teams. He/she also gets to "race" and see how much he/she has improved from all the hard work he/she has put in at practice.

Special Parent's Note:

The pool area is usually very warm. Therefore, you need to make sure you dress appropriately. Nothing is worse than being hot at a swim meet. It makes the time pass very slowly. At some of the meets, the parents are allowed to sit with the swimmers at the blanket area. If you don't think that a gym floor is comfortable, feel free to bring folding chairs. Better yet, become an official and get involved! You get to be close to the action and take the focus off of your own child.