Swim Level Classification

Sands:  Introduction to training and competition.  Swimmers must be able to swim an unassisted lap of freestyle and have a concept of backstroke.  Swimmers must be able to jump from the blocks and be able to be water safe.  This group is for basic stroke development.  Practice: 30 minutes

Tigers:  Continuation of stroke development, training and competition.  Concentrate on proper technique and introduction to training skills.  Work on improving skills for starts and turns.  Practice: 45 minutes

Gullys:  Designed for more experienced swimmers.  We work on technique, training, and racing skills.  Swimmers are expected to swim more often and have the ability to swim longer distances.  Swimmers are responsible for their own equipment.  Practice: 60 minutes

Makos:  Designed as a transition group to our highest level of swimming.  Continued stroke development, conditioning and training as well as racing techniques and strategy.  Dryland exercising based on school grade level.  Swimmers should be attending practice regularly and are responsible for their own equipment.  Practice:  1-1.5 hours

Threshers:  Designed for older swimmers at various levels.  This group commits to an intense level of training in and out of the water.  Swimmers must have a desire and commitment to train.  This is aerobic conditioning and race development while maintaining quality technique.  Practice:  1.5-2 hours