The rules of the Federation Internationale de Natation (FINA), the international federation responsible for the sports of swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, and water polo, require there to be only one recognized member federation of FINA in each country throughout the world.

For the United States of America, that member federation is United States Aquatic Sports (USAS).

USAS, with its own Code of Regulations, was formed to become the U.S. member of FINA in 1980, when the Ted Stevens Amateur Sports Act of 1978 took effect in the United States and required restructuring of many sports organizations.

USAS deliberately attempts to play a minimal role within the United States, leaving primary responsibility for the governance of each of the aquatic sports to the members of USAS. The governing bodies (aka NationalGoverning  Body) are:


United States of America Swimming, Inc. (USA Swimming)

United States Diving (USA Diving)

United States Artistic Swimming, Inc.

USA Water Polo, Inc.

United States Masters Swimming, Inc.

By law, USAS must present a single organization to represent the United States NGBs internationally. By choice, the NGBs have also determined to delegate to USAS the responsibility of conducting a national convention. The USAS Convention allows for economies of scale and permits the leadership and membership of the various NGBs, to get together to talk over common problems and concerns. If, and when, the revenues of the convention exceed expenses, the surplus is dedicated to sending the US teams to the World Swimming Championships.