2022-2023 FRST Team Registration

Open for Returning Members

7/16/22 - 8/1/23

Open for New Members

7/24/22 - 8/1/23


Welcome to the Fulshear Racing Swim Team--Fulshear's First Competitive Swimming Team.

This registration process is an annual occurance each July/August.

The FRST "year" will go from August 29th, 2022-August 28, 2023.  Dues for the year are assessed monthly. 


**The following groups are full--please register for the wait list and we will notify you if there will be room (Racer 1, Racer 2, Racer 3, Junior 1, Junior 2).


  1. Registration fees will be drafted the day of registration via credit card. Registration fees are non-refundable. Do not log into your FRST account until you are at the registration site.
  2. Starting September 1, 2022, USA swimming will launch their direct Online Member Registration (OMR). This means each swimmer will register directly with USA swimming on their own, after completing the registration with FRST. Once you have registered with FRST, you will receive a link to the specific FRST Online Member Registration (OMR).  This will be sent on or around Thursday, September 1, 2022.  Both the team registration and USA direct registration will be a requirement to participate in the FRST program.
  3. When registering select your swimmer's current group.  Any group moves will be adjusted by FRST coaches.
  4. Please update your swimmer's shirt size and all contact info.
  5. Registration fee will be pro-rated for registrations in May-June.
  6. All team members will be required to re-register at the start of each school year.

NEW FRST MEMBERS: If this is your first time registering for Fulshear Racing Swim Team-- please follow the steps to join below:

  1. Before attempting to register onlineswimmers MUST be evaluated by a FRST coach for group/level placement.  To schedule an evaluation, please email [email protected] Your account will not be available for log-in until after August 13, 2022. 
  2. To begin online registration, click on "Continue or Check Status" at the bottom of the page below. Please do not log into your FRST account until you get to the registration login. If you are new, you will be required to set up a team account with an email.
  3. Payment will be done with a credit card and fees will be charged the day of registration
  4. Wait for email confirmation from the team administrator,  notifiying you that your registration has been approved
  5. All transactions will be done using your credit card on file


FRST Registration/Team Info:

  • You will be required to have a credit card on file for monthly dues.  
  • There will be an annual team registration fee ($165 for competitive groups; $50 for Pre-comp groups.)
  • USA Swimming registration options are Flex $30(12 & Under only); or Premium-$98.
  • USA Swimming registration dues will be paid directly to USA Swimming starting September 1st, 2022.  
  • Team Registration covers FRST team gear (tshirts, caps, suit, towel, logbook, etc). 
  • Review necessary team equipment for each group.  Please purchase through our team webstore or through D&J Sports locally.
  • There will be policy forms and medical releases you will need to review and electronically sign.  These policies are also available to review under our "Team Policies" tab.
  • Group Selection - When signing up, you will be required to select a group, please select your current group assignment. Final group adjustments may be made by coaching staff.   
  • FRST groups are as follows:
  • Pre-Comp-6-7, Pre-Comp 2; Pre-comp 3; Pre-comp Tech.-reigstration fee is ($50 + USA FLEX fee and includes (1) tshirt and cap)
  • Racers 1, Racers 2, Racers 3
  • Juniors 1 and Juniors 2
  • Pre-Senior 1 and Pre-Senior 2
  • Senior Development, Senior Comp
  • All group assignments is under coach's discretion.
  • FRST will plan to participate in a competition each month.
  • All meet fees are additional and vary for each competition.
  • All meet fees will be charged to the credit card on file automatically.
  • All monthly dues will be charged to the credit card on file the 1st of each month.
  • Members may withdraw from the team with a 3-week written notice prior to the next billing period.
  • The FRST competitive year is broken into three parts with Championship meets at the conclusion of each.
  • Fall/Winter-Champs meet in December; Spring-Champs meet in February/March;  Summer - Champs meet in July.

We look forward to having you join the Fulshear Racing Swim Team and are excited for a great swim year!

FRST Staff