FRST Basic Fee Structure 2022-2023:

Annual Team Registration:  FRST will have an annual ($165.00 + USA Swimming fee) registration fee for all new and returning swimmers.  The fee includes a mandatory USA Swimming Registration/Insurance fee, a FRST team meet suit, team cap, Team T-Shirts, logbook and more.  There will also be policy forms to sign during the registration process, and a credit card will be needed to process the registration upon joining the team.  Additional team gear may be ordered through the FRST Team Store tab on the FRST website.

USA Swimming Registration Fees: New and returning swimmers are required to pay an annual registration fee to USA Swimming and the GULF LSC.  FRST swimmers will be billed annually for this with the registration renewal each Aug/September. Options this year include either Flex or Premium membership.  Flex ($25) limits a swimmer to (3) in season meets.  Premium ($92) allows for unlimited meets and championship participation.   If a swimmer is registered Flex and decides to attend 4 meets or a championship meet, that account will be invoiced the difference to upgrade at that time.   

The USA Swimming registration fee is determined by the LSC, in this case GULF swimming dictates the yearly fee.  Swimmers may not practice or compete until registration fees are paid.

Monthly Group Dues- FRST group fees are factored monthly to cover operating costs throughout the entirety of the year.  Each member account is billed automatically each month (on the 1st), and will be required to have a credit card on file through their member account porthole.  Monthly dues cover approximately 48 weeks of training for the year with breaks for certain holidays: (Spring Break, Summer Break, and Christmas Break).  Monthly dues will still be required on months there are breaks as a part of factoring in the whole year with an even monthly fee.  The pro-rated fee structure includes these breaks, and provides for the continuity in our training facilities and coaching staff. (Please note: members may discontinue their membership at any time with 30 days written notice of withdrawal but reinstatement is determined by group availability and space, you may forfeit your spot.)

Monthly fees for the 2022-2023 FRST year:

Competitive Swim Program:

  • Racers:               $100/month 3 days/week (3 groups); :45 mins.
  • Junior I:               $130/month 4-days/week (MTThF); 60 mins
  • Junior II:              $160/month 5-days/week (M-F); 75 mins
  • Pre Senior I:        $180/month 5-days/week (M-F); 90 mins.
  • Pre Senior II:       $200/month 6 days/week; (M-S) 90 mins.
  • Senior Dev.:        $205/month 6 days/week; (M-S) 105+ mins.
  • Senior Comp:     $205/month 6 days/week; (M-S) 105+ mins.

Pre-Competitive Swim Program: (plus a separate registration fee $75)

  • Pre-Comp MW @ 6:30-7:00pm; $90
  • Pre-Comp TTH @ 6:15-6:45pm: $90
  • Pre-Comp TTH @ 6:45-7:15pm: $90