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MSC Board of Directors & Staff

Board of Directors

Mr. Antonio Santiago       President

Ms. Jessika Soriano        Vice-President & Safe Sport Coordinator

Mr. Sergio Garcia            Treasurer


MSC Staff

Hector Becerra            Head Coach

Diana Chavez              Team Administrator


Team Coaches

Hector Becerra             Head Coach - Group 1 (12-17yrs advanced)

Brad Altermeyer          Age Group Coach - Group 2 (12-14yrs intermediate) 

Gloria Orta                   Age Goup Coach - Group 3 (11 & Under beginner)        

Alexa Martinez            Coach Assistant


Team Officials

Mrs. Alicia Garcia de Lopez           Administrative Official


Team Marshalls

Mr. Andy Perez

Mrs. Jolee Perez

Meet our Coaches

Hector Becerra

Coach Hector is a competitive swimmer of over 13 years including 2 years as a walk-on at Southern Methodist University. Notable career accomplishments include: third place finish in the 200 fly at the CNCA National Championship meet in Buffalo NY (’95), two time STAGS champion (11-12/13-14) in the 100yd fly, former club record holder in the 200 fly (13-14),  & 2x team captain McHi bulldogs (94-95 / 95-96). In 2020, he qualified to compete at the US Masters National championhips in the 50M fly.


As a coach: ('02-'03) Took 31 kids to TAAF state meet, with multiple top 3 finishers, 3 state champs & 2 GAMES OF AMÉRICA national qualifiers. Coached 2 Masters groups and 1 kids team for the YMCA in Austin TX prior to joining MSC.


"I enjoy what I do because it allows me to positively influence people directly. I believe in the development of good moral character. A wise person once told me “how you do anything, is how you do everything”. I believe this to be true and strive to apply that philosophy daily throughout my career and personal life. The better the person, the better the swimmer. Ultimately, the better the team." 



Brad Altermeyer

My Swim Life started by following my older brother and sister into swimming in Michigan, Grand Haven had a team around 1971-72 that we would carpool down to train with from Norton Shores. My swim life continued in Indiana with YMCA Swimming in Elkhart Indiana, and while that particular facility has been torn down in the last few years, the good news for aquatics in that city is that it has been replaced with a state of the art facility.


We would train in Winter with YMCA, and in summer with AAU. The coach we had in the summer had trained under Doc Counsilman at Indiana Univeristy, The Science of Swimming Coach. Our AAU coach as also the Mens Coach at the High School where I had one year of competing as a Freshman before moving to Texas. It was there that he applied key coaching methods and techniques to building swimmers. He was somewhat famous for taking even non-swimming Freshman and turning them into State Champions within four years of high school, and he also later became the Athletic Director for the School District. That was Ted Foland. Our YMCA swim coaches wife was the woman's team coach at the high school and Mens and Womens Swimming were so large there that they were separate teams and separate competitions as well. At the end of my Freshman high school year the highlight was a 5:19 500 Free in Prelims that put me into the Top Finals heat for the State Sections meet in that part of Indiana, and a 6th place. At a YMCA meet a short while later I swam the 1650 in 18:36, at age 15. 


Moving to Brownsville Texas in 1979 was a major gear change for my swimming, no longer could I look over in practice and see breast stroke being done at the speed of my freestyle, no longer would I see a very crowded pool for every single practice every single day. The larger change was HOT WATER, and as a coach that is still something I recognize as a key factor to change or adjust the practice for the day before we hit brain damage at 104F body temperature. The team in Brownsville was fun and exciting and had just built the only indoor pool in the entire city (even though it was only 20 yards long by 4 lanes wide, and had a metal building around it).


I started teaching swimming with the Blue Dolphin Aquatic Club shortly after getting to Brownsville, it may have been 1981 or even 1980. This was small scale 5 to 1 instruction where I learned to never turn my back on little ones, and to always keep everyone in line of sight always. Swimmers always have different rates of improvement and change, and that is just as true with learn to swim programs as swim team improvement and change. The team in Brownsville focused more on quality of training and not quantity of training with examples such as Michael Gross of Germany rumored to only train 3000 meters a day while being a world champion. 


At Texas Tech, I trained with the mens team in 1982-83 as a REDSHIRT and at that time that was the full training session same time sessions as everyone else, later at Texas Tech I was the Women's Swim Team Manager, which seems like it was at least slightly above the go for this/ go for that job, but as a student work study it was a great job, and kept me around swimming with great people. Coach Ann and Assistant Coach Chava did a great job with a combination of internationally recruited swimmers and domestic swimmers.


Later when I lived in Houston I trained with H2O Swims and Emmett Hines, where I learned some more drills and practices that I had not seen before. Emmett was famous for his email closure of "Visualize Whirrled Peas", They trained at UH, and I was taking an additional accounting class titled Intermediate Accounting 2. 


In Taiwan, I also participated in Masters Swimming, and also in Lifeguard Training, which was great fun, and the only meets I have ever been to where every medal winner did the entire Podium Award ceremony, even after 9 or 10 years of no serious training I had one 57.9 100m Free, but my 200 had slowed down to a 2:20 with great discomfort. Endurance goes quickly when anyone is not training.


In 1995 I returned to the Blue Dolphin Aquatic Club and they hired me for the summer to help coach the team, my former coach Larry Hodgson had his 8 year old daughter on the team that year, but he was no longer coaching. Someone did ask me about coaching in McAllen that year for the team since I was moving to Edinburg that fall, but I expected to be far to busy to do so at that time.


Shortly after Garret Webber Gail had won his medal in the 2008 Olympics, and just before the first open water with many of the MSC teams coaches swimming it at South Padre I joined the MSC Coaching team. Garret Webber Gail was our guest speaker at the MSC year end event, and water sessions with swimmers, over the years we have had many great olympians visit along with one coach, (the UT Austin Coach). They would run a clinic or two in the morning, and we would have them speak at our team dinner to cap off the year and recognize excellence across our team.


Now, we have one of our MSC Alumni ready to compete at the Olympic Trials, and many here in McAllen have coached Shaine over the years, and are ready to see him do well.




Gloria Orta: 

age 20, American Ninja Warrior, Psychology Major and the newest addition to MSC. 


I was born in Matamoros Tamps. and moved to Brownsville in elementary. As an immigrant, I understood the trouble my family had gone through to give me a better opportunity and promised myself to make the best of their sacrifice. 

In middle school, my athletic journey began when I started club swimming. In high school I took swimming more seriously and put in work during the season and off season. I attended A&M swim camp four times and each time came back to teach my teammates all I had learned. My combined experience helped over 10 swimmers drop serious time. Personally, I was a 4x city champ in the 200IM, 4x district and regional qualifier and finalist, and 1x state qualifier. 

From age 16 to now I’ve been a  swimming instructor and successfully helped over 100 students learn how to swim. 

Although I've stopped competing in swimming in high school, my love and fire for the sport has not diminished. My fitness journey didn't end in high school, this past month I competed for the second time on American Ninja Warrior, a prestigious opportunity only a selected few get to experience. Much of the strength that has helped me get into an all-time favorite NBC show is credited to swimming. I’m grateful to give back to the sport that has given me so much. This is my first time working as a coach in a club team and it’s honor to work with not only talented but hard working swimmers. 


I’m looking forward to getting to know the swimmers more and helping them reach their goals !🙏🏼