Level 2


MSC swimmers range from ages 6 to 17. It is the goal of MSC to offer training for all of our athletes that is geared towards challenging each individual and developing them to the best of THEIR abilities.

In an effort to provide a safe environment for our swimming community, MSC practices CDC, USA Swimming, and local city guidelines that promote social distancing and COVID safety practices. A list of our current protocols is provided below:



Group 1: 15-18yrs: Male & Female - All levels

                12-14yrs: Male & Female - Advanced


                Tue / Wed / Th / Fri / Sat

                7pm-8:45pm (1.75hr)


               Coach Hector & Coach Brad  

              ​ Group Maximum: 20 swimmers

                   4 lanes / 5 swimmers per lane


Group 2:  12-14yrs: Male & Female - Beginner to Intermediate

                 10-11yrs: Male & Female - Advanced

                 Tue / Wed / Th / Fri

                 7:15 pm -8:45pm (1.5hr)


                Coach Hector & Coach Brad 

                Group Maximum: 15 swimmers

                   3 lanes / 5 swimmers per lane


Group 3:  11 & Under: Male & Female - Beginner 

               Group 3-A 

               Tue / The / Sa

               7:05-7:50pm (Session 1)

               8:00-8:45pm (Session 2)


               Group 3-B

               Wed / Fri

               7:05-7:50pm (Session 1)

               8:00-8:45pm (Session 2)


              Coach Christian 

               Group Maximum: 20 swimmers

               5 swimmers per session  

               1 lane / 5 swimmers per lane   



The following protocols are currently active and will continue until further notice:

POSITIVE COVID CASES - In the event any parent or swimmer tests positive for COVID, begins experiencing COVID symptoms, or has been in direct or prolonged contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID, is encouraged to self isolate and must notify the head coach or any of our MSC board members IMMEDIATELY. The sooner we are made aware, the sooner we can begin the contact tracing process and prevent further exposure to other members of the team. PLEASE BE AWARE that any COVID related incidents reported or any information we collect MUST AND WILL BE SUBMITTED TO THE CITY OF MCALLEN -PARKS & RECREATION DEPARTMENT as required on our agreement. Once the contact tracing is complete, all exposed parties will need to sit out a MINIMUM OF 5 DAYS before returning to practice to monitor for symptoms. Anyone who tests positive will need to show proof of “negative” COVID test results before being allowed back to practice.


FACE MASKS & DAILY COVID SCREENINGS - Swimmers will be subject to daily temperature screenings prior to entering the facility and will be required to wear facemarks anytime they are on deck, in the restroom or out of the water for any reason. 


BATHROOMS - Are NOT AVAILABLE FOR CHANGING. Swimmers MUST arrive to practice ready to swim. There WILL be limited rest room access and there can only be 1 person per gender per bathroom at all times.


SPECTATORS - Spectating during practice IS NOT ALLOWED INSIDE THE FACILITY. Anyone wishing to spectate practice MUST remain outside of the facility. Coaches are available before OR after practice NOT during. You can also contact coaches on BAND. 


DRY AREAS - Groups and Swimmers will be assigned areas around the pool known as “DRY AREAS” where they can leave their personal belongings during practice. Once the swimmer has been assigned to an area they will remain there until they are relocated by the coaching staff. 


LANE ASSIGNMENTS: Swimmers in all groups will be given lane assignments and are to remain in those lanes unless they are relocated by the coaching staff. 


TEAM CAPACITY: Until further notice, MSC will cap our membership to 55 participants to help reduce the possible transmission of COVID 19. 


    MAX # of Swimmers per lane: 5


For availability & registration information email us at [email protected]