The St. James Water Polo Program focuses on long-term athletic development for water polo athletes of all ages and abilities. Focusing on proper water polo tactics and technique, our programs provide a great training foundation for long-term success in Water Polo. 

Tony Azevedo, 5 Time Olympian, enjoyed his experience coaching his 6-8 Program at The St James pool in April 2019,  noting his pleasure at the "high level of water polo on the East Coast".   He also complimented Spike Mendelsohn on his fabulous dinner afterwards.  Spike was a top finisher on Bravo TV's, TOP CHEF competition and is owner of TSJ's on-site restaurant, Vim & Victor.

During his stellar career, Tony has played in Olympic pools and top European venues and described The St James pool as "one of the best facilities he has ever been in".   he said, "I knew it would be great as my agent has been here before, but this definitely surpassed (my expectations) and I will be bringing my family to come back again."  Tony will be scheduling another exceptional camp at The St James toward the beginning of December 2019, so prepare to meet USA's water polo legend soon.........

STJ Water Polo Programs:

Water Polo is a fast paced, exciting sport that combines skills and tactics from soccer, basketball, hockey, and adds the fierceness of rugby.  It is ranked #1 for improving cardio-respiratory endurance among all team sports, making it ideal for cross-sport conditioning, summer fun and a unique fitness challlenge.

Review the program guide to determine which course best suits you or your child's starting skill level and supports your goals. 

Have questions, need guidance for course selection?   Contact LESLIE.ENTWISTLE@THESTJAMES.COM   /  Office Phone (703) 239-6917 



Splashball: Beginning Level Introduction to Sport


Youth and Adult Quick Start:  Beginning Level Skills and Modified Games

Contenders:  Intermediate Level Skills and Full Game Preparation

Youth & Adult Drop In:  Single Day Novice Training for flexible schedules / off-season periods


120 Clinics for Novice to Elite:  Skills and ages are listed on the calendar for each date


Youth & Adult Novice Leagues

Seasonal Youth and Adult Competitive Leagues

For Private, Semi-private or Small Group Focused Lessons please email LESLIE.ENTWISTLE@THESTJAMES.COM


Registration link for all the programs below, except Leagues:  https://www.teamunify.com/team/usavatsj/page/calendar#/team-events/upcoming

WP Program Name Ages Duration Frequency Sessions Starting Pre-Requisite Fall 2019 Schedule
Splashball Coed 5-8 4 weeks 2x per week 9/2/19 or      9/30/19 or Evaluation for 5 or 6 yo M & W            6:15-7:00pm
        10/28/19 or 11/25/19 Swim face in freestyle Tu & Th          5:30-6:15pm
Splashball Coed 8-11 4 weeks 2x per week same start dates Swim face in freestyle M & W            5:30-6:15pm
            Tu & Th          6:15-7:30pm
Youth Quick Start Coed 10-14 4 weeks 2x per week 9/2/19 or 10/28/19 Advanced swim skills M & W            6:00-7:00pm
          Tread water 3 minutes  
Contenders Coed 11-15 4 weeks 2x per week 9/30/19 or 11/25/19 Pre-enrollment evaluation M & W            6:00-7:00pm
          Swim freestyle 400 yards  
          Tread water 10 minutes  
          Pass Quick Start ball skills  
Youth Drop-In Coed 10-15 10 weeks single day or 9/10/19-11/30/19 Swim freestyle 200 yards Tu & Th          7:00-8:00pm
      1x per week or   Tread water 5 minutes  
      2x per week   Pass & catch one handed  
Adult Drop-In Coed             16 & over 10 weeks single day or 9/9/19-11/30/19 Swim freestyle 200 yards M & W            7:00-8:00pm
      1x per week or   Tread water 5 minutes  
      2x per week   Pass & catch one handed  
Masters Competitive Coed             18 & over 11 weeks Select dates 9/22/19-12/15/19 Competitive experience Sunday             7:30-9:00pm
          Swim freestyle 500 yards  
          Tread water 20 minutes