Our History

Hilltop Aquatics Swim Team (HAST) was founded July 1993 by coaches Kevin Dickerson and Janet Oles, under the enthusiastic and very supportive direction of Lynne Yocom, American Fork Fitness Center’s Aquatics Director. By March 1994 we had our very first Junior Olympic qualifier! The following year, 1995 we had a whole whopping nine State Qualifiers and proceeded to take 5th place at what was then called the Junior Olympics. That year an editorial in the newspaper accurately depicted the team and the scrutiny that we were under as we quickly rose to the top. It said: “Among all of the big clubs, Hilltop Aquatics Swim Team with all of nine of their little swimmers swam their hearts out and were the highlight of the meet. Eyebrows were raised and everyone who hadn’t met this little team were asking, ‘where in the world is Hilltop?’”

By 1996, the team had at least doubled in size and placed 4th at the Short Course State Championships. We struggled a bit as we were feeling growing pains. Hilltop was no longer a ‘kitchen table operation’ and some big changes were needed. By this time we had our very own official, Emily Reimschussel, who dedicated countless hours to building the team, and establishing ourselves in Utah Swimming. At about that time DaNene Adamson came aboard and took over all the management of the team. Finally our growing pains were easing up bit, and continued to do so as two very important parents came to our rescue a year or so later, Lynelle Williams and Jane Griener, and became our booster club president and vice president.

At the 1997 Short Course Championships, Hilltop took one more step to the top, placing 2nd. The team went wild tossing coaches and team mates in the water, you would have thought we had won 1st place that year, but that wouldn’t come until another 4 years. The year 2000 not only marked the beginning of a new century but the end of Cottonwood Height’s championship status that had been unbeaten for over two decades. Hilltop claimed the State Short Course Championships in 2001 and hasn't looked back since!  HAST has several state championships since then or has scored as one of the top teams in the state! We owe so much to Cottonwood Heights, for their help in guiding our team and for the competition provided that helped us to be the best we can be! We are also indebted to our parents, swimmers, and coaches for all their time, talents and energy they have provided our team in our rise to the top, HILLTOP!

Picture above shows some of our HAST swimmers that were invited to compete in Moscow, Russia and represent Utah Swimming as part of the 2002 Winter Olympics student exchange. Top left to right: Chad Reimschussel, Casey Kleinman, Carly Smith & Jared Griener.  Bottom left to right: Annette Johnson, Haylee Adamson, Ashley Kleinman, and two other swimmers in the Utah Swimming delegation.