Our Philosophy

The primary purpose of the Hilltop Aquatics Swim Team is to provide the necessary skills and positive environment that will enable and encourage each of its athletes to attain their highest potential in competitive swimming. The emphasis of the HAST program is based on desire, discipline, determination, integrity, and confidence. In striving to better prepare our athletes to successfully encounter not only the challenges of the sport, the team will develop important life skills and build strong personal character.

Mission Statement

To develop the character traits, technical skills and intense desire necessary for maximum realization of each individual’s potential. We place a high degree of emphasis on the VALUES of HAST. The VISION and MISSION statements reflect and chart our course.

Our Goals

To srengthen team and indivudal character

To create an atmosphere of team spriti, team unity, and support, and to contribute to the development of a positive attitude

To go beyond the limits fo competitive mental barriers in a fun and challenging enviornment

To develop team "mental toughness" (determination, confident, pride, and integrity)

To obtain our axiimum potential in competitive swimming while developing life skills and strng personal character

To pursue excellence through hard work and personal dedication