Groups Fees and Workout Schedules


Additional Fees

 The USA Swimming Fee of $91 annual fee

All Team equipment available at the FC front desk (approx. prices):

Girls team suit:   $40

Boys team suit:   $31

Silicone Cap $12.00, Latex Cap $5.50

Fins: sizes 1-3 & smaller ($14), sizes 3-5 - 7-9 ($17)  9-10 & larger ($19)

Kick board:  $11.50

Gear Bag: Small & Large ($10-$12)

​Meet Fees

Meet Fees are an additional cost and will range approximately from $20-$50+ depending on the level of competition and entries available.  

All Swimmers of our HAST year round club team must have a membership to the Fitness Center (HAST members get the lowest price offered by the Fitness Center!!)