Welcome to the Clairmont Cudas summer swim team!

Each summer, children from across DeKalb County come together to create an experience of recreation, fitness, and entertainment that helps to weave the fabric of community. For the children who participate in summer swim leagues, valuable, even life saving, skills are acquired. For their parents, it's an opportunity to get to know neighbors within our immediate community.

The Clairmont Cudas team competes as part of the Atlanta Swimming Association league.  The season includes 5 dual meets across May and June and ends with a League Championship meet in late June/early July at the Ga Tech Natatorium.  Our team consists of approximately 250 swimmers from ages 5 through 18 from the local Emory community.  For many of our swimmers, this will be their first time on a team as well as a competitive environment.

The Clairmont Cudas Swim Team trains locally at two locations on the Emory University Campus.

The Clairmont Cudas operates under the following principles:

  • To provide an environment that develops a love for swimming and fitness in each participant.
  • To offer a positive competitive experience for both swimmer and parent.
  • To provide coaching that allows new, as well as accomplished athletes, to improve their strokes and times throughout the season.
  • To develop principles of teamwork, team spirit, and sportsmanship throughout all age groups on the team.

Unlike many youth sports leagues and teams, our success and the efficiency with which we can complete our dual meets and county championships depends on a team of parent volunteers from both the home as well as the visiting teams. Whether this is your first year or you are returning to us, please don't hesitate to get your feet wet on deck this season.

Again, thank you for choosing to participate in the Clairmont Cudas summer swim team!

Coach Chris