Cudas Volunteer Job Descriptions


Age-Group Bullpen Parents – Age Group Bullpen Parents are responsible for taking 6 & under, 8 & under, 10 & under, and 12 & under swimmers from their assigned bullpen to the race bullpen, the area where the swimmers are lined up for their events and sent to the blocks.  Bullpen Parents take the swimmers to the race bullpen 7 heats ahead. Bullpen parents cannot chase down swimmers who have left their bullpen, so parents of younger swimmers need to keep an eye on their children to make sure they stay in their designated bullpens.

Age Group Bullpen Helpers - These volunteers assist the Age-Group Bullpen Parents in the 6 & under, 8 & under and 10 & under bullpens. These helpers are needed throughout the meet but are absolutely critical when organizing swimmers for relays.

Race Bullpen Coordinator – The Race Bullpen Coordinators work in the race bullpen area behind the blocks. These volunteers put swimmers into the correct heat and lane order, and keep them in order as they move toward the starting blocks.  The Bullpen Coordinators and Bullpen Parents stay 7 heats ahead of the heat that is in the water. 

Finish Judge – (1 from each team) Responsible for determining the finish order of each heat. The two Finish Judges compare results with each other.  If they are in agreement, the finish order decision is reported to the Finish Judge Recorder who records the order on the official UK Judges Form.  In the event of a dispute, the Starter will resolve conflicts and ties.

Recorder – Records the order of finish on the official UK Judges Form, which is then passed on to the runner/transcriber.

Runner/Transcriber - Takes the UK Judges Form from the Recorder and transcribes the order of finish from horizontal boxes to vertical boxes; this is a format that is easier for the computer person to use. This volunteer then runs (walking would be's about two feet away) this transcribed order of finish to the computer operator.

Timers – (1 from each team for each lane) Timers are responsible for timing swimmers in their lanes and recording the times on the Timer’s Form.

Caller of Computer Data – (1 from away team) Works with the computer operator.

Computer Operator (1 from home team) - Must have Hytek training and experience.

Reset Button Pusher - Responsible for pushing the button that resets the stopwatches after each heat.

Reset Check - Responsible for watching the computer to make sure all watches have been reset. If a watch has not been reset, then this volunteer notifies the reset button pusher.

Ribbon Puller/Writer – (1 from each team) - Responsible for pulling the ribbons for each heat and placing the printed label on them.

Event Pole Coordinator – (1 from home team) Responsible for flipping the event/heat number cards on the event pole.

Floater - Someone who is willing to do just about anything that needs doing.

Water Bottle Distributor - Responsible for distributing ice cold water to volunteers throughout the meet.