Eagle Swim Club Parents' Meeting (Fall 2018)

Thanks to those of you that were able to make the meeting last night!  Again, I'm very excited to get the season started next week!


Practices do start next Tuesday 4 September.  You do not need to attend that first practice.  Each practice next week will start with a brief introduction, covering rules for entering the building and conduct at practice, so regardless of what day(s) you attend, your swimmers will get the info they need.


I also understand that most of the swimmers haven't been training since the end of June (or they may be new to competitive swimming).  We will take care of them, doing a lot of review and gradually increasing the intensity of training over the first 3-5 weeks.


As will always be the case, if you have any questions, please don't hestitate to get in touch with me. 



Coach Marty

[email protected]




2018 Fall Parents’ Meeting


About Coach Hamburger

  • 30 years of coaching experience.  (all levels from learn to swim to Olympic Trial Qualifiers)

  • Iowa Hawkeye by birth - South Carolina Gamecock by marriage!

  • Privileged to be a husband to Amanda and Papa to sons, Ellis and Reese!

  • Contact info:        [email protected]     


Three rules for happy swimming:

  • Have fun (fun in swimming not often extrinsic)!

  • Take care of each other (We’re teammates! No bullies!)

  • Don’t talk when the coach is talking.


ESC Team

  • ESC is beginning its fifth year being USA Swimming affiliated

  • ESC has been, and will continue to be, a place for young swimmers to experience year round swimming without the normally expected obligations (attendance, meets, fundraising)

  • Striving to be the club through which your swimmers can explore swimming to their full potential.


Coach Hamburger’s Coaching

  • I am available before or after practice every day (after practice is always the best unless you make an appointment)

  • Process driven – do enough things right and good things will happen

  • I don't care for swimming  just for the sake of swimming. Our training will be specific (quality above quantity at all times).

  • Expectations are managed based on regularity of practice attendance

  • Goal setting will be emphasized

  • Coaching style:  We don’t sugar coat things when they are bad.  We are also very complimentary when things are good.

ESC Assistant Coaching Staff

  • Assistant coaches are Emory Varsity Swimmers in addition to Emory University Assistant Coaches Cindy Fontana and John Petroff

  • Assistant’s will be administering workouts I write every day based on weekly-monthly-seasonal-annual plan and even quadrennial plan

  • My intention is to be rotating between all the groups, getting to know all of the swimmers, sometimes taking lead, but also assisting my assistants

  • Practices run Dynamically and Organically - not randomly!

Practice protocols

  • You are not required to attend the first day of practice.

  • Park in the Peavine Deck (free after 4:30 p.m. and on weekends)

  • All practices take place at the indoor pool (Woodruff Physical Education Center).

  • Swimmers don’t need any equipment beyond a swimsuit and goggles.  They will be provided a swim cap.


  • Access the pool through the security gates (#3 & 4 are near the pool, #1 & 2 nearer the center of the building)

  • Let the receptionist at one of the desks know you are attending Eagle Swim Club practice, they will let you in (they will have a roster and may check your name)

  • Under no circumstance are the gates to be forced open or jumped

  • Please inform your children and anyone dropping them off or picking up of these rules


  • FIRST COUPLE OF WEEKS may be hectic as we get to know each other and swimmers get placed

  • PLEASE, be patient with your children and their coaches! (We strive to TEACH the kids everything, how much they LEARN depends on a lot of variables.)

  • Make every effort to be on time.

  • Swimmers are to use the locker rooms on the pool deck level

  • Parents are welcome to observe practices from the stands

  • Please address questions to me before or after practice, not during

  • If you are not able to pick your children up immediately after practice, please let me know.


Fall Practice schedule

  • You will be informed when there is NOT practice, otherwise there IS practice.  (I’ll post the schedule of known cancellations on the website. You can also check the WoodPEC site.)

  • Swimmers may attend any and all practices

  • Monday and Wednesday

    • Bronze/B2/Silver/Silver 2/Gold:  6:45-7:45

  • Tuesday and Thursday

    • Bronze/B2:  6:00-7:00 p.m.

    • Silver/Alph-Beta:  6:00-7:15 p.m.

  • Saturday:  11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. (all groups)