Below are commonly asked questions about Swim Utah swim club:


Q: Why do I have to pay the USA Swimming fee every year.

A: All USA registered swimmers must pay for this fee.  It allows your times to be nationally recognized, pays for insurance while being coached or at meets and allows you to practice at other teams all over the country.

Q: How do I register for meets?

A: Sign into the site.  Click on events (top tab) or on the event ( on home page).  If you click on the name of the event, the page will contain a PDF file of the meet events.  Click on the PDF file to view the meet sheets.   To sign your swimmer up, click on attend this event, commit your swimmer and then click on events they would like to swim in. 

Q: How is the swim group of my swimmer determined?

A: The coach will determine what level your swimmer is based on age, ability and current swimming level.  Typically once a swimmer can swim all strokes well, has been on the team a year and/or gets a state time they will be moved out of the developmental group.  

Q:  What should I take to a meet?

A: Swim gear of course, water, food, extra towel, a folding chair to sit on.  For long course an easy up or umbrella will help to keep the sun off.

Q: Why do I need to time at the meet?

A: Swimming relies on volunteers to be successful.  Each swimmers parent should take a turn at each meet to time.  Just ask one of the other parents which lane.  If you haven't done it before, no worries, it is very easy, and a great way to learn more about the sport.

Q: What does JO stand for?

A: JO stands for Junior Olympic State Championships.  Each year the state of Utah has a 14 and under championship in March.  Swimmers must reach state qualifying times.  For those 14 and older there is a state senior championship.  In the summer there is a state long course championship open to all swimmers.  This is typically held in late July.

Q: What do the time standards mean?

A: Time standards are a way to measure a swimmers progress against others in the country.  As a swimmer gets faster they qualify for regional and national meets.  After qualifying for State, the next goal is often Far Westerns, a regional meet in California.  After Far Westerns is Western Zones and then Sectionals.  The great thing about swimming is that your time tells you how well you are doing.  

Q: My swimmer is in another sport, is Swim Utah a good option for cross training?

A: Swimming is always a good sport to cross train for other sports.  But remember Swim Utah is a competitive swim club and prides itself on performing well.  Members are expected to train regularly and attend meets even if they are involved in other sports.

Q:  How do I join?

A: Click on the "Membership Info" button on the upper left of the home page and follow the directions.

Q: How do I contact other parents to arrange car pools?

A: Once you are a member you have access to all the swimmers contact information.  Just log in and click the membership tab at the top.  This way you can search for your friends and arrange car pools and transportation to other events.

Q: When should my swimmer attend their first meet.

A: Take the cue from your coach.  If they are 10 or under and can swim the strokes, then sooner is better.  First meets can be scary, so the sooner they get used to them the better.  Throughout the year Mini-meets are held for swimmers 10 and under only.  This is a great way for new swimmers to have success.

Q: At what age should my swimmer join Swim Utah?

A: We have swimmers join at 6 and 7.  Each age group has swimmers of different levels.  If your swimmer can swim one length of free style and back, and have a desire to swim, then it is time to start.  Age is a poor determination of success in the pool.  Desire, parental support and willingness to learn are better indicators of success.