The monthly and discounted fee structure for the UVRays is listed below.

A discount is given to those who pay on a yearly basis (5%) as opposed to monthly since this helps to reduce administrative costs/efforts.

A group discount also applies for families with multiple swimmers enrolled.

UVRays Team Dues Fee Structure Chart (ONE Swimmer From Family):

Workout Level Monthly Withdrawal (Individual Swimmer) Annual Fee (5% Discount Included)
Manta A & B, Zone, National $90 $1,026.00
Sting Rays A & B $70 $798.00
Sun Rays A & B $60 $627.00

UVRays swimmers who come from a multiple-swimmer family will receive a 5% discount off their fees (monthly or annually). Payments must be up-to-date before your swimmer can participate. If payments are not made by the 10th of every month, a late fee of 10% will be added.