Group Descriptions

Coaches decide when and where athletes will be placed on the team.  Athletes are assessed by tryouts and placement is determined by athlete based on age and skill level.  Later assessed by times achieved, practice test sets, social skills, commitment, endurance, and physical development.  Athletes are expected to practice with the group they have placed in by the coaches.  UVRays follow the long-term athlete development which allows coaches to develop swimmers who will not only grow stronger as they get older but retain them in the sport and teaches them lifelong lessons.



Swim School

Swim school is a developmental group for children of any age interested in competitive swimming. We develop all 4 strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly) and provide opportunities to compete in swim meets to help them prepare to advance to higher groups on the team.

Prerequisites: Capable of swimming 25 yards of both freestyle and backstroke.

SunRays B

Entry level group, can swim 25 yd. freestyle w/rotary breathing and backstroke, learning breaststroke and butterfly, front dives.  May attend one meet per month, check with coach concerning events.  Practice attendance: 3 practices/week. 

SunRays A

Becoming efficient at breaststroke, butterfly, and IM.  Working on front and back starts, turns and finishes, becoming fit by doing 20-30 minute aerobic sets 3-4 times a week.  Learning how to read the pace clock.  Meet attendance is encouraged to attend one meet per month.  Practice attendance: 4-5 times/week.


Perfecting technique in strokes, turns, starts and finishes. Working on an aerobic set every day that challenges them.  30 minutes is usually the length of the set.  Can read a pace clock. Competition requirement encouraged at least one meet/month.  Practice attendance: 5 times/week.


Working to do the faster distances and send-offs. Works all the sets. Competition is expected at this level. Attends practice 5-6 times/week.

National Group

Swimmers in National Group will be expected to commit 100% to swimming with no other sports/activities that conflict with practice time; swimmers in National Group will be asked to “give back” to the club and work with the age group swimmers (demonstrate/teach skills).  Swimmers in National Group are committed to achieving Sectionals and Jr/Sr Nationals competitions.  Emphasis is on placing athletes in a collegiate program.