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Senior State Relived--We Are the Champions!

Wrapping Senior State To revisit the 2021 Utah Swimming Senior State Championships drains one emotionally. But it must be done. And we want to...

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Important Update: Swimvitational and Swimvitational Time Trials

Good morning, This is a quick note to the entire club so we don't leave anyone out. Attached is a document showing those who...

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Streaming Links for Age Group State

Good morning, Age Group (14-and-Under) State begins today. Four of our swimmers--Sydney Bahr, Nigel Blake, Macie Poulson, and Coco Riding--get a head start by...

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28 February Team Update

Good evening, Utah Valley Aquatics friends, This past week of swimming topped the week before. “No way,” you say. The answer is YES! After...

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Remembering Some Dang Fast Swims while Wrapping a Few Meets

Good afternoon, Utah Valley Aquatics, We are at the Senior State meet in St. George and after just one evening of swimming, we report...

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