General Tryout Information:

If you are interested in joining Utah Valley Aquatics, we suggest you come to one of our UVRay tryouts. Tryouts are an excellent way to have your swimmer evaluated on their swimming readiness. Let our experienced coaches help you determine the next step for your swimmer. This assessment will determine the best placement for your swimmer, whether it is additional swim lessons, a recreational team, or the Utah Valley Aquatics.

We encourage all beginning UVRay swimmers to be at least 7-years-old and to display proficiency in freestyle and backstroke with a knowledge of how to swim breaststroke and butterfly. They should also be able to complete a 25-yard swim in each stroke unassisted. Our advanced swimmers are proficient in all four strokes and have the fitness capacity to complete a 1.5- to 2.5-hour workout.

For more information, contact Grant at [email protected]