Grant Skabelund

Good afternoon, UVRays, Three weeks in a row: another beautiful fall day. Better hope for some rainy, snowy days so we’ll have water for crops and to swim in. Notice: Today is the last day to sign up for the SUSA IMX meet. If you plan to race on 10-11 December, register now. A Week to Test Our Skills—Three Meets #1: Thursday-Sunday, 2-5 December, we have 24 UVRays competing in the 2021 Holiday Festival in Tempe, Arizona. Coaches Maren and Shanon will be on deck, handling the two-pool event at...

Grant Skabelund

Good afternoon, UVRays, Another beautiful fall day. Wow. I returned from North Carolina today. I was there for a swimming meet (what else?), an invitational that included Southern Virginia University’s men’s and women’s teams competing against a bunch of D-2 and D-3 schools; SVU is D-3. Some of you may know that Jen Moore, who coaches with Utah Valley Aquatics in the summer, is the head (and only) coach—for SVU’s men’s and women’s teams. Former UVRays Max Barnett, Jonathan Dye, Breanne Moore, Connor Moore, and Josh Skabelund compete for the...