11 April Team Update and Meet Reports

UVRays Admin

Good morning, Utah Valley Aquatics Swimmers and Supporters,

Orange Fundraiser Ordering Deadline this Wednesday
Please participate in the Eighth Annual Utah Valley Aquatics Orange Fundraiser. The oranges are amazing; your friends and family will love them; and the revenue is vital to the club’s financial wellness. Here is the order link. Contact Sara Staker or Grant with questions. Remember, the Round 1 order deadline is 10:00 pm, Wednesday, 14 April.

This Week’s Schedule
No practices will be held Wednesday, 14 April. The pool will be closed for repairs that day.
Group 1: Mon-Tues and Thurs-Fri, 12-13 and 15-16 Apr, 4:00-5:45 pm, Provo Rec; Sat, 17 Apr, 7:00-9:00 am, Provo Rec.
Group 2: Mon-Tues and Thurs-Fri, 12-13 and 15-16 Apr, 2:00-3:15 pm, Provo Rec.
Group 3: Mon-Tues and Thurs-Fri, 12-13 and 15-16 Apr, 5:45-7:00 pm, Provo Rec.
Group 4: Mon-Tues and Thurs-Fri, 12-13 and 15-16 Apr, 3:00-4:00 pm, Provo Rec.
Group 6: Mon-Tues and Thurs-Fri, 12-13 and 15-16 Apr, 3:00-4:00 pm, Provo Rec.
Swim School: Mon-Tues and Thurs-Fri, 12-13 and 15-16 Apr, 3:15-4:00 pm, Provo Rec.

Upcoming Meets
Please carefully read the information below and the meet information for each meet. Thanks.

2021 Four Corners Spring Sectional meet, 22-25 April, in St. George.
Here is the meet info. Deadline to enter has expired. Long Course Time Trials (to be held 21 April) info will be available this week.

Orem Timpanogos-Utah Valley Long-Course Dual, 30 April, in Orem.
This meet is for all UVRays. Here is the meet info. Registration deadline: 11:59 pm, Sunday, 18 April.

2021 HAST Long Course Classic, 13-15 May, in American Fork.
Here is the meet info. A “BB” time is required to enter this meet. Everyone with a “BB” time, long course or short course, should enter this meet. Registration deadline is 11:59 pm, Sunday, 18 April.
This meet is outdoors; the bubble will be taken off before the meet is held. Prepare accordingly.

If you need assistance entering your swimmer in a meet, please contact Grant.

This Has Been a Short Update; Continue on for a Lengthy Meet Report
Below the staff info, find details about the last three weeks of fast UVRay swimming. Read about team records, PRs, and happy swimmers reaping the fruits of their labors.

Preparing to swim fast, we are the UVRays.

Utah Valley Aquatics Contact Info
Shari Skabelund, head coach, [email protected], 801.367.7384
Chloe Vincent, assistant coach, [email protected], 720.393.9705
Jen George, assistant coach, [email protected], 385.549.3203
Joshua Skabelund, assistant coach, [email protected], 801.636.2212
KC Lemon, assistant coach, [email protected], 801.473.7578
Maren Christensen, assistant coach, [email protected], 864.359.6779
Missy Bahr, assistant coach, [email protected], 801.367.7114
Nathanael Gunson, assistant coach, [email protected], 980.333.2312
Shanon Dowling, assistant coach, [email protected], 801.372.9268
Ofelia Allen, meet admin, [email protected], 801.360.8250
Grant Skabelund, admin, [email protected], 801.362.0820


30 March Intrasquad Sends Short-Course Out on High Note

Last week’s Intrasquad was a rousing success. Our Utah Valley Aquatics athletes recorded, by our count, 13 state-qualifying times and nearly 200 personal bests. The swimmers’ performances highlighted the progress they have made in the year-of-COVID. Overall, they nailed 55 percent PRs (personal records).

Let’s start with the state cuts:

If he’s not known as “Fast Eddie” yet, he soon will be. We have to give Eddie Hansen (age 11) the “Swimmer of the Meet” title for the Intrasquad. Eddie went off for three PRs and three state qualifying times in his three events, the 100 free, 200 back, and 200 individual medley (IM)—he dropped almost 13 seconds in the IM with a 2:31.94, almost 2.5 seconds in the free with 1:03.87, and swam a 2:32.69 in his first-ever 200 back. Just weeks ago, Eddie was injured and out the water; he has certainly bounced back nicely.

Let the drums roll for all of the following state qualifiers as well:
Nigel Blake (11), 200 back, 2:32.39, a drop of more than 20 seconds; Nigel also PRd in the 50 back
Mori Card (12), 100 breast, 1:27.03, a drop of almost 13 seconds; Mori also PRd in the 100 free and 100 back
Finn Kunz (10), 200 IM, 3:13.13, a first-time swim
Ellie Long (13), 100 butterfly, 1:10.77, an almost full-second drop; Ellie also PRd in the 50 free and 100 back
Sebi McFarland (17) 100 breast, 1:08.03, a two-plus second drop
Easton Mousser (14), 200 butterfly, a first-time swim of 2:17.08
Owen Platt (12), 100 free, 1:04.68, an improvement of almost five-seconds; Owen also PRd in the 200 breast
Josh Skabelund (22), 500 free, 4:58.27, a drop of more than 28 seconds
Josh Stevens (14), 100 back, a first-time swim of 1:05.86; Josh also PRd in the 200 fly and 100 breast
Sydney Weeks (14), 200 free, a four-plus second drop with a 2:07.74; Sydney also PRd in the 500 free

Others with 100 percent lifetime-best-performances were made by the following:
Mia Addis (11), 3 PRs/3 swims, highlighted by a 1:40.42 in the 100 breast
Deckard Allen (14), 2/2, with a 1:03.98 in the 100 free
Lincoln Allen (11), 3/3, with a 41.00 in the 50 free
Lorenzo Allen (9), 3/3, with a 1:35.76 in the 100 free
Davin George (13), 3/3, with a 1:07.14 in the 100 free
Cannon Hadfield (14), 2/2, with a 1:12.40 in the 100 back
Lucy Hawkins (12), 3/3, with a 37.67 in the 50 free
Andrew Heap (16), 3/3, with a 1:06.88 first-time swim in the 100 fly
Benson Heinz (10), 3/3, with a 1:20.86 first-time swim in the 100 free
Daniel Hernandez (14), 1/1, with a 1:18.80 first-time swim in the 100 free
Kaylee Jarrett (12), 3/3, with a 31.79 in the 50 free
Brylee Jensen (11), 3/3, with a 38.55 in the 50 fly
Kelsey Kilpatrick (12), 3/3, with a 2:49.97 in the 200 back
Carson King (12), 3/3, with a 38.14 in the 50 fly
Liam Knudson (7), 3/3, with a 1:34.46 in the 100 free
Victoria LaRoche (11), 3/3, with a 36.90 in the 50 fly
Maximo Medina (11), 2/2, with a 3:56.87 first-time swim in the 200 breast
Paige Mottishaw (12), 2/2, with a 1:41.90 first-time swim in the 100 breast
Sophie Mottishaw (15) 3/3, with a 29.27 in the 50 free
Evie Murdock (15), 3/3, with a 2:37.39 in the 200 IM
Jack Nemelka (17), 3/3, with a 57.06 in the 100 free
Ruth Ordyna (11), 2/2, with a 1:25.06 first-time swim in the 100 free
Sienna Ottosson (10), 3/3, with a 51.15 first time swim in the 50 fly
Garrett Platt (15), 3/3, with a 5:42.19 first-time swim in the 500 free
Macie Poulson (12), 3/3, with a 1:11.65 in the 100 back
Coco Riding (14), 2/2, with a 1:21.30 in the 100 breast
Amelia Sanft (13), 2/2, with a 1:23.19 first-time swim in the 100 back
Isaac Sanft (16), 2/2, with a 1:01.58 in the 100 fly
Clint Swan (13), 3/3, with a 1:36.63 in the 100 breast
Taven Terpenning (11), 3/3, with a 41.78 in the 50 back
Bailey Wabel (13), 1/1, with a 32.69 in the 50 free

Others with better than 50 percent PRs were:
Em Allred, Judah Anderson, Thomas Arrington, Sydney Bahr, Jacob Baxter, Mary Blake, Megan Cazier, Sophia Cragun, Julia Evans, Alec George, Sydney Guzman, Ben Hansen, Morgan Hatch, Andrew Hawkins, Amy Hopkins, Sulice Ihli, Gavin Johnson, Zach Judd, Joey Larsen, Aulia Leauanae, Jonathan Lemon, Alice Lybbert, Brady Matsu, Cody McFarland, Levi McFarland, Solymar Medina, Cole Tobiasson, and Colbie Weight.

As always, if we missed someone, please let us know by emailing Grant.


25-28 March Swimvitational of the Universe Report

With all of their meets during the last couple of months, our senior swimmers have received a bunch of press. Many of you have watched them perform via the provided streaming. Still, although we’ll keep in short, we must celebrate their outstanding performances.

Although a boys’ title was not awarded, our Utah Valley Aquatics boys garnered the most points of the 20-plus teams competing in the Swimvitational, 25-28 March, in St. George. Clubs from California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Utah competed in the short-course championship-format (prelim/final) meet. Our boys’ performance—they garnered 50 percent PRs, a fairly amazing figure considering this was a fourth championship meet in two months for many of them—paced Utah Valley Aquatics to a second-place finish overall team finish behind the Loveland (Colorado) Swim Club.

We’ll highlight our individual finalists (those finishing 1st-8th).

Tanner Nelson (age 18) continued to lead his UVRay mates, tallying 113 individual points, winning the male high-point award, and when 25 percent of his relays are included, accounting for almost 20 percent of the club’s total points.
• Tanner won the 400 IM, breaking his own Utah State 17-18 record with a 3:52.73—his previous best was a 3:53.21 in 2019. Of course, the swim broke his own club 17-18 and overall records for the event.
• Tanner won the 200 free, setting both 17-18 and overall club records with a 1:38.36, breaking his previous mark of 1:38.39 (2021).
• Tanner won the 100 breast (after getting beat in the 500 free, he left no questions in the 100 breast) with a PR 55.89, breaking his own 17-18 club record of 56.34, which he set earlier this year.
• Tanner won the 200 IM with a 1:49.38.
• Tanner placed 2nd in the 500 free with a 4:26.21.
• Tanner placed 3rd in the 200 breast with a 2:02.78.

Ana Eyre (19) paced the female side of the club by scoring 49.5 individual points.
• Ana placed 2nd in the 50 free with a 23.82.
• Ana placed 2nd in the 100 free with a 51.74.
• Ana placed 3rd in the 200 free with a 1:52.60.

Joshua Skabelund (22) scored 42 points.
• Josh placed 6th in the 50 free with a 21.50.
• Josh placed 8th in the 100 free with a 47.87.
• Josh placed 8th in the 100 fly with a 52.39.

Kaleb Feland (17) swam well and scored 32 points.
• Kaleb placed 5th in the 200 IM with a PR 1:55.39.
• Kaleb placed 6th in the 100 fly with PR 51.58.
• Kaleb also PRd in the 200 back with a 1:56.63.

Audrey Weller (16) had two PRs and scored 30 points.
• Audrey placed 4th in the 200 breast with a 2:24.03.
• Audrey placed 5th in the 100 breast with a 1:06.98.

Gauge Tobiasson (16) swam three events, had three PRs, and scored 26 points.
• Gauge placed 4th in the 100 back with a 52.29.
• Gauge placed 8th in the 200 back; he PRd in prelims with a 1:54.40.

Andrew Lemon (18) swam three events, had three PRs, and scored 25 points.
• Andrew placed 6th in the 400 IM with a 4:10.94.
• Andrew placed 7th in the 200 fly with a 1:55.78.

Alijah Whitney (16) had three PRs and scored 24 points.
• AJ placed 6th in the 200 fly; he PRd in prelims with a 1:55.19.
• AJ placed 8th in the 500 free; he PRd in prelims with a 4:42.70.

Tallin Kunz (15) scored in three events (19 total) and had PRs in three as well.
• Tallin placed 7th in the 500 free; he swam a PR 4:40.81 in prelims.

Trevan Staker (17) placed 7th in the 100 free with a 47.78; he had a PR 47.48 in prelims. Overall, he tallied 18 points.

Ellie Boyer (15) placed 6th in the 200 fly with a 2:10.16, and scored 15 points.

Sean Honey (15) had PRs in five of six events and scored in three of them, tallying 14.
• Sean PRd in both prelims and finals in the 200 back, placing 7th with a 1:56.72.

Other double-digit point contributors were: Gracie Crandall (17), who had no top-8 finishes, but finished with 22 points; and Tanner Harmon (17), who had 12, and this week received an LDS mission call to Seoul, Korea. Congrats Tanner.

Relay Results
• Annie Reichner (16), Audrey, Katelyn Teng (17), and Ana placed 2nd in the 200 medley relay with a 1:48.49.

• Katelyn, Gracie, Taya Riser (16), and Ana placed 2nd in the 200 free relay with a 1:37.93.

• Guage, Tanner N, Kaleb, and Cameron Robinson (19) placed 2nd in the 400 medley relay with a 3:22.50.

• Josh, Trevan, Cameron, and Tanner N placed 3rd in the 200 free relay with a 1:26.56.

• Trevan, Tanner N, Josh, and Cameron placed 4th in the 200 medley relay with a 1:36.19.

• Kaleb, McKay Larsen (18), Tanner H, and Isaac Vaughan (17) placed 6th in the 200 medley relay with a 1:36.88.

• Tanner H, McKay, AJ, and Isaac placed 7th in the 400 medley relay with a 3:35.43.

Other Swimvitational Highlights
Tony Puertas (21), who swam for the University of Utah this year, rejoined Utah Valley Aquatics and swam unattached. Tony won the 100 fly with an overall club record of 48.51 (it wasn’t a PR, but he broke his own 2018 UVRay record of 49.05), placed 3rd in the 200 fly, placed 5th in the 50 free with a PR 21.26, and scored 50 points for “Team Tony.”

Kate Hansen (18), who swam for BYU this year, rejoined Utah Valley Aquatics and swam unattached. Kate netted six PRs in her six events and got second swims in all six as well. With a perfect six, we best name her “Swimmer of the Meet” for the Swimvitational. She scored 12.5 points for “Team Kate.”

Brad Prolo (22), who swam for BYU this year, joined Utah Valley Aquatics as an unattached swimmer in order to swim in the long-course time trials on Wednesday, 24 March. Brad swam the 200 breast on Thursday morning in a UVRay club-record time of 1:58.63, breaking Tanner Nelson’s 2021 record of 2:02.25.

Two New UVRay Butterfly Records Set in Long-Course Time Trials
Time Trials were a chance to race for Olympic Trials cuts. None were achieved, but our swimmers set two new club records.

Tony broke his own overall club record of 57.37 (2018) with a PR 56.73 in the 100 butterfly.

Brad broke Tony’s overall club record of 2:07.20 (2018) with a 2:02.80 in the 200 butterfly.