UVRays Orange Fundraiser Update--Please Read

UVRays Admin

Great job, UVRays! Round 1 of our Orange Fundraiser looks to be a huge success!

For all those interested ~ We just outsold last year’s 1st-round effort, selling 588 cases and 333 8 pound bags! The oranges have been ordered and are scheduled to arrive next week.

Please note ~ In order to accommodate an additional round of orders for another team in our area, our grower has modified his driving schedule for this coming week. The water polo community tragically and unexpectedly lost a coach—Head Coach Jesse Kochel, of Southern Utah Water Polo—due to a brain tumor, diagnosed just a few weeks ago. Coach Jesse leaves behind his wife Audra, three children, and a whole bunch of swimming, polo players.

In response, the Utah County water polo team—coached by James Young—rallied in support of Jesse's family with another round of orange sales. I sent them our blessing at this tender time for their community and promised we would gladly work around whatever changes were necessary to accommodate their effort.

Because of this, our Orange Fundraiser delivery dates will shift back a couple of days, to either Thursday, 22 April, or possibly even Friday, 23 April, depending upon our grower’s availability to drive back to California, pick, pack, and return to deliver to us. (I’ll know more specifically in the next couple of days, so stay tuned!)

I mention it now because I know this is not ideal for those UVRay athletes and families planning to compete at Sectionals in St. George next week. However, under the circumstances, there was nothing else that could be done. So I want to give you all as much time as possible to make other arrangements for your deliveries and/or ask for help if needed.

Thank you to everyone for your support of UVRays and also your understanding and flexibility surrounding our fundraising effort. We are good athletes, yes, but we hope to be even better people!

A few have asked, so here is a bit of information regarding Coach Jesse and where you might consider donating to help his family if you are in a position to do so.

You can learn about Coach Jesse’s diagnosis and donate directly to his family here.

And here's Coach Jesse's obituary.

Warmly ~
Sara Staker
UVRays Orange Fundraiser Coordinator
(801) 762-7100