18 April Team Update

UVRays Admin

Good morning, Utah Valley Aquatics Swimmers and Parents,

Meet Registration Deadlines
If you haven’t registered for the OTAC-UVRay Dual on 30 April, do so today. Almost all UVRays should swim in this meet—for many, it is their only opportunity to race in April. The registration deadline for the HAST Long Course Classic in May is also today—swimmers must have a “BB” time to enter the Classic.

Round 1 of 2021 Orange Fundraiser Largest Round Ever
Watch for details of our plan for this week’s distribution of oranges—there will certainly be a lot of oranges to deliver inasmuch as this is our largest round of sales ever.

This Week’s Meet
2021 Four Corners Long Course Time Trials and Short Course Spring Sectionals, 21-25 April, in St. George.
Here is the meet info. Coach Shari will accompany 17 Utah Valley Aquatics athletes to this competition.
This Week’s Schedule

Group 1: Mon-Fri, 19-23 Apr, 4:00-5:45 pm, Provo Rec; no Saturday practice.
Group 2: Mon-Fri, 19-23 Apr, 2:00-3:15 pm, Provo Rec.
Group 3: Mon-Fri, 19-23 Apr, 5:45-7:00 pm, Provo Rec.
Group 4: Mon-Fri, 19-23 Apr, 3:00-4:00 pm, Provo Rec.
Group 6: Mon-Fri, 19-23 Apr, 3:00-4:00 pm, Provo Rec.
Swim School: Mon-Fri, 19-23 Apr, 3:15-4:00 pm, Provo Rec.

Upcoming Meets
Please carefully read the information below and the meet information for each meet. Thanks.

Orem Timpanogos-Utah Valley Long-Course Dual, 30 April, in Orem.
This meet is for all UVRays. Here is the meet info. Registration deadline: 11:59 pm, Sunday, 18 April.

2021 HAST Long Course Classic, 13-15 May, in American Fork.
Here is the meet info. A “BB” time is required to enter this meet. Everyone with a “BB” time, long course or short course, should enter this meet. Registration deadline is 11:59 pm, Sunday, 18 April.
This meet is outdoors; the bubble will be taken off before the meet is held. Prepare accordingly.

2021 UVRays Long Course Invitational, 3-5 June, in Spanish Fork.
Save the Date! Meet info pending; registration deadline tentatively set for 11:59 pm, Sunday, 23 May.

• CHAT Non-Qualifier, 11-12 June, in Cottonwood Heights.

• CHAT Invitational, 16-19 June, in Cottonwood Heights.

• Red, White, and Blue BC Meet, 26 and 28-29 June, in American Fork.

• Red, White, and Blue Invitational, 26 and 28-29 June, in American Fork.

• Red, White, and Blue Mini Meet, 30 June, in American Fork.

• UVRays Last Chance Meet, 10 July, in Spanish Fork.

• 2021 Speedo Summer Sectionals, 15-18 July, in Gresham, Oregon.

• Utah State Long Course Championships, 19-22 July, in Kearns.

• 2021 Western Zone Senior Championships, 27-31 July, in Clovis, California.

• 2021 Western Zone Age Group Championships, 4-7 August, in Gresham Oregon.

If you need assistance entering your swimmer in a meet, please contact Grant.

Championship swimming and preparing for long course, we are the UVRays.

Utah Valley Aquatics Contact Info
Shari Skabelund, head coach, [email protected], 801.367.7384
Chloe Vincent, assistant coach, [email protected], 720.393.9705
Jen George, assistant coach, [email protected], 385.549.3203
Joshua Skabelund, assistant coach, [email protected], 801.636.2212
KC Lemon, assistant coach, [email protected], 801.473.7578
Maren Christensen, assistant coach, [email protected], 864.359.6779
Missy Bahr, assistant coach, [email protected], 801.367.7114
Nathanael Gunson, assistant coach, [email protected], 980.333.2312
Shanon Dowling, assistant coach, [email protected], 801.372.9268
Ofelia Allen, meet admin, [email protected], 801.360.8250
Grant Skabelund, admin, [email protected], 801.362.0820