Want to become an official?

Already an official who's considering advancing in certification? 
Here's a summary of what needs to happen
(For a detailed list of Certification Requirements  click here)
Education & Training
  • Contact Utah Swimming, Inc. (USI) Officials  Chairperson  and inform of desire to become an official.
  • Become registered  with USA Swimming.
  • Take USA Swimming online Stroke & Turn Judge test and pass with at least 80%.   Test is open book.
  • Attend training clinic approved by USI Officials Chair                                                                                  
Evaluation & Certification
  • To become certified, a trainee must receive a satisfactory evaluation (click here for more information)·
  • Complete certification within one year from date of training clinic.
Renewal (every 2 years)
  • Participate in at least one (1) USI sponsored officials clinic at least once every two years OR participate in a National Certification Meet and attend all pre-meet briefings. 
  • Take and pass USA Swimming online recertification test every two years. 
  • Work a minimum of four (4) meets each year as a Stroke & Turn Official.
  • Have official re-evaluation as needed.
Education & Training
  •  Must have worked as an active stroke and turn judge for a minimum of one (1) year
  • Be currently registered with USA Swimming
  •  Be recommended for and accepted into Utah Swimming Starter Training Program. (Click here for more information)
  • After acceptance into the training program, must take and pass with at least 80% the following USA Swimming online tests Starter, Stroke and Turn, Timer, Timing Judge and Clerk of Course.
  • Serve a minimum of five (5) sessions on the deck in at least three(3) different meets with at least two (2) different trainers approved by the Utah Swimming Officials Committee.
  • FYI:  Training clinics and other training resources are available. Click here  to learn more.
Evaluation & Certification
  • The starter trainee will be certified as a level 1starter at the recommendation of the USI Officials Chair and acceptance of the USI Officials Committee.
  • level 1  starter will be certified as a level 2  starter upon the recommendation of the USI Officials Chair and acceptance of the USI Officials Committee.  The starter will have demonstrated skills and knowledge of all the rules pertaining to the position of starter.
Renewal (every 2 years)
  • Work a minimum of one (1) session at each of three (3) meets per year in the position of starter and maintain continuous registration with USA Swimming.
  • Every two years, take and pass USA Swimming online re-certification tests pertaining to the starter position. (Starter, Stroke and Turn, Timer, Timing Judge and Clerk of Course)
  • Attend Referee/Starter training clinic  at least once every two (2) years.
  • All starters must receive a satisfactory evaluation every two years to maintain certification.

Education & Training
  • Must have worked as a active level 2  starter for a minimum of one (1) year.
  • Be currently registered with USA Swimming
  • Be recommended for and accepted into Utah Swimming Referee Training Program. (click here for more information) 
  • Be familiar with the following meet volunteer positions:  Announcer, Clerk of Course, Starter, Stroke and Turn Judge, Chief Judge, Timer, Timing Judge and Meet Marshal. (See USA Swimming Officiating Manual  for more information)
  • Be familiar with meet management software, timing systems and other equipment used at swim meets in Utah.  (click here for more information)
  • Take and pass with at least 80% all USA Swimming Officials online tests.
  • Once approved, on-deck training will only take place under the direction of level 2 referees who have been certified at that level for at least two (2) years.
  • Referee trainees work with a variety of referees from different areas of Utah.
  • To become a level 2  referee trainee one must have been certified as a level 1 referee for at least one (1) year.
Evaluation & Certification
  • Observation and evaluation shall be conducted by approved officials (as determined by the Officials Committee) and voted into the position of level 1 or level 2 referee by the USI Officials Committee.
  • Advancement to level 2  referee will be made at the vote of the Officials Committee after recommendation of the USI Officials Chair.
Renewal (every 2 years)
  •  Work a minimum of four (4) sessions at three (3) meets per year as a referee/deck referee/starter
  •  Maintain continuous USA Swimming Registration
  • Take USA Swimming online recertification tests  (all units for officials) and pass with at least 80% every two (2) years.
  • Attend Referee Training and Update Clinic at least once every two years
  • All referees must receive a satisfactory evaluation every two years to maintain certification.